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The above lampoon pretty much sums up how seriously I take everything that goes on in this country. Obama gave it the ol college try in his state of the union speeach.  He talked tough.  Hard to do when your tongue is a noodle. And the beat goes on.


I'm still swallowing back barf over how some crazy, white, gay-friendly duo beat out perennial black winners like JayZ, Drake, Kanye and break-out new artist, Lamar, for the best rap album of the year at the Grammys. Explanations refer to Rap now being mainstream.  Who'd have ever thought this genre would find a home among white dorks. 


 And speaking of the Grammys, why is everyone raggin on Beyonce for acting like she wanted to give her husband some nooky during their opening act performance at the Grammys. What would you expect from the queen of  booty shakers and her husband who makes a living out of being a mysognist? Me, I consider this twosome a welcome relief from that pouting egomanic Kanye and his booty bulging baby mama  I was more turned off by a tuxedo-wearing Madonna and her date who happened to have been her little black adopted son who she was parading along like a trained pet monkey, her apparent motivation, to do damage control after using the N-word on a Twitter post.  On and on the absurdities go.


The celebrity world is soooo superficial. I know it's blasphemy but am I the only one who is sick of the uctuous, ubiquitous Kenyan actress, Lupita Nyong'o, sporting a high-top fade hair-do, grinning and taking bows for her awards and nominations for her supporting role in "12 years a Slave."  I can't figure out why Lupita would beat out all of the capable authentic young African American actresses for this monumental role, her victory providing fuel for the superior attitude Africans have toward American descendants of slaves.  I also can't decide who I'm more sick of trolling the red carpet in their endless array of designer fashions: her or Kerry Washington, the perennial award show loser whose been subjecting us to a succession of bizarre maternity creations.


And, of course, there's Justin Bieber and his ongoing efforts to achieve street cred by hangin out with a posse of black wanna-bes.  Not to mention the lmedia abeling as a thug, the Stanford University grad, black Seattle football player, Richard Sherman, because of his rant  during the interview after the AFL NFL final game. Nothing in pop-culture is what it seems.  Everything is a charade.  


The country at large is fraught with realities that are unreal  Trillions on war, while the education system deteriorates.  Poverty in the midst of plenty.  Immorality immunized against Religion. Crime that is blatant, justice that is blind.  Racism that thrives, while homophobia is stifled.


Then, there's Fox News and its  insipid thinly-disguised racist commentaries. The only organization that floods me with more bile than this network are the Republicans whose trespasses I find to be, in a word, "un-American" because they are unworthy serving in a so-called democratic government.


So, here I sit,  isolated in the deep freeze that is frosting the midwest, and maybe this explains why my optimism and tolerance are numb.  The only thing that thaws me out is the heat generated by the perception of how ridiculously discombobulated this nation is. Like global warming, it's a hot mess.


Oh well. 'Think I'll go eat. My menu: chilli that is hot. Yet, another, contradiction...  :wacko:  

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