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I'm sorry and frustrated you are having difficultly Pioneer the board needs the presence of minds like yours.  I have not experienced any difficultly,  If anyone else has please let me know.


Pioneer can you click this link to my Blog and let me know if it is slow too:  http://aalbc.com/blog


That page is the most resource intensive on the site much more than this page.  I want to see if that page loads slowly too.

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Haven't had any problems with it or any other page on this site for the past couple days.

I'm not sure what the problem was but I experienced this before on this site,  last year.
Whatever it was it seems to have resolved itself....for now atleast.

Thanx Troy.




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We I get back to the office I'll take a look at your account(s) to see if there is anything amiss. Maybe so something funky happened with the Facebook connection. In theory you can only have one ID here per Facebook ID, you should not have been able to create a 2nd account using the same Facebook ID.

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