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  1. @Pioneer1perhaps one day you will see how wrong your assumptions are concerning me. However it is fruitless for me to engae that conversation.

    Hey Troy Actually you have Mercury in Taurus so you will tend to be more fixed in ideals.
  3. I actually think Troy is pretty open. He took an astrology class drew up a few charts. And experimenting with astral traveling. I'd be more interested in your interpretation of your dream. @Cynique
  4. When was there parity anywhere or anytime on tbe planet. Judgements ranking and comparisons even happy in this discussion. I was just thinking thst perhaps society encourages these distinctions to both advance the society as a whole. And to exploit the "common" "man"
  5. A Requiem for Hillary Clinton.

    Cynique while she may still care ahe sold out to big business. I agree with your assessment about her not being saint and him being a bully. But he loves the spotlight and it makes it easier to see his dirt.
  6. Deadliest Storms

    That's what i thought in 2011,Troy. You're going to find that what i have said about the models is true.
  7. A Requiem for Hillary Clinton.

    Hilary used to care about kids, and women's issues. However I don't see much of that left in her. I thought Trump was the better choice because of his ham fisted obvious way if doing things. Hilary is savvy and clever. She is a scorpion. He is a Gemini. They seem like their aigb types.
  8. Deadliest Storms

    Again this is from the site. The Elusive Absolute Surface Air Temperature (SAT) The GISTEMP analysis concerns only temperature anomalies, not absolute temperature. Temperature anomalies are computed relative to the base period 1951-1980. The reason to work with anomalies, rather than absolute temperature is that absolute temperature varies markedly in short distances, while monthly or annual temperature anomalies are representative of a much larger region. Indeed, we have shown (Hansen and Lebedeff, 1987) that temperature anomalies are strongly correlated out to distances of the order of 1000 km.
  9. Take a break.

    It's more psychedelic than weedy.
  10. White Man, Close To Extinction?

    No I meant the book I am workingon with the palmist. Thank you, I appreciate the acknowledgement.
  11. Deadliest Storms

    No credible model exist. Which is why you cant find one. You also will have a hard time seeing the source data. Prove me wrong and I will change my mind. The more you look the more you will see you the Emperor's new clothes. You will start having doubts when you realise how hard it is to find unaltered data.
  12. A Requiem for Hillary Clinton.

    I believe they went after Clinton because they didn't like Hilary. Her problem is that she is smart and opinionated. And is seen as cold. Which is unacceptable to a large number of men and women. I am suspicious of people who start foundations. Foundations are a clever form of estate management. Bill Gates can't sell his shares in Microsoft without negatively effecting the stock price. The perception is the company is tanking. And he's trying to get out. By setting up a charity you don't have that problem . And you can use the funds for investment. I believe both Gates and Zuckerberg married lawyers. So usually the funds make a lot more more than they donate. I look at the financials. The Clinton foundation has a catering arm. Which is three times more profitable than the average catering firm. Which means either their cost are a lot lower or they charge a lot more than their competitors. Also they spend more on travel expenses than program spending. Due to security they either fly First Class or they charter a plane. So its always good to follow the money. The Clinton's were broke when the left the Whitehouse. Collectively they have made upwards of $85 million. For speeches. Hilary's are private and no copies of the transcripts are available. Trump is what he has always been a self obsessed misogynist racist spoiled rich kid, with no interest other than self promotion, making money and finding etays to make someone else bear the risk. He doesn't pay his contractors. Apparently those two young girls who sang at his inauguration are sueing him for non payment. His foundation was used as his personal piggy bank. He purchsed a six foot painting of himself. Eric had a foundation that used his father's Golf course. At first there was no fee. And then the charges were significantly more than other Golf clubs would charge. He is our PT Barnum and i believe we are watching a Greek Tragedy. The overseas donations due to the hurricanes , were less than previous years even from our allies. Trump is the President that Business people and disgruntled disenfranchised people want in office. He was voted in to make America great by returning to its preregulation,pre civil women gay and handicap rights, pre voting rights. Only White Male land owners could vote .
  13. Deadliest Storms

    Thanks for the clarification.
  14. White Man, Close To Extinction?

    Funny I was just thinking I haven't supported you enough. I come here for the conversation and you. Depending on how the book project goes, would like to work with you.