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  1. Culture is strong. Maybe true for East Indians as well
  2. I am an Astrologer that uses technology. Astrology is primitive , technology is modern. I have faith that there is a divine plan.
  3. The Special Counsel is independent of party. (CNN)Sen. Lindsey Graham gave a stern warning Sunday to President Donald Trump against firing special counsel Robert Mueller. "As I said before, if he tried to do that, that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency," the South Carolina Republican said on CNN's "State of the Union."
  4. @Troy so you still think Trump will have a second term. https://edition.cnn.com/2018/03/29/politics/donald-trump-legal-battles-robert-mueller-stormy-daniels/
  5. Two weeks. There are a few different worlds. There are the cleaners and nannies. The Chinese and the White People. It has am interesting feel.
  6. Don't forget Isaac Newton and that quantum mechanic fanatic.
  7. It can be happen plus they would freeze his assets. Which would also effect his voice family.
  8. Cynique why respond they are sect while not acknowledging that I answered your question. Brahma has a miniscule number of followers compared to Shiva.
  9. https://qz.com/1234258/black-panther-breaks-box-office-records-in-east-west-and-south-africa/amp/ https://www.theroot.com/audiences-across-africa-hail-black-panther-for-humanizi-1823155921 It seems Africans like Black Panther it makes them proud. Not everyone is a fan https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/02/black-panther-co-opting-african-struggles-oppression-180217145412378.html
  10. Religion and philosophy ask existential questions. Unlike science which is focused on the mechanics. It's like the difference betweena mathematicians and engineers.
  11. So if the earth stopped gravity wouldn't be affected. Please elaborate.
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/news/jared-kushner-apos-admitted-donald-102800653.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=fb
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