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  1. Culture is strong. Maybe true for East Indians as well
  2. I am an Astrologer that uses technology. Astrology is primitive , technology is modern. I have faith that there is a divine plan.
  3. The Special Counsel is independent of party. (CNN)Sen. Lindsey Graham gave a stern warning Sunday to President Donald Trump against firing special counsel Robert Mueller. "As I said before, if he tried to do that, that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency," the South Carolina Republican said on CNN's "State of the Union."
  4. @Troy so you still think Trump will have a second term. https://edition.cnn.com/2018/03/29/politics/donald-trump-legal-battles-robert-mueller-stormy-daniels/
  5. Two weeks. There are a few different worlds. There are the cleaners and nannies. The Chinese and the White People. It has am interesting feel.
  6. Don't forget Isaac Newton and that quantum mechanic fanatic.
  7. It can be happen plus they would freeze his assets. Which would also effect his voice family.
  8. Cynique why respond they are sect while not acknowledging that I answered your question. Brahma has a miniscule number of followers compared to Shiva.
  9. https://qz.com/1234258/black-panther-breaks-box-office-records-in-east-west-and-south-africa/amp/ https://www.theroot.com/audiences-across-africa-hail-black-panther-for-humanizi-1823155921 It seems Africans like Black Panther it makes them proud. Not everyone is a fan https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/02/black-panther-co-opting-african-struggles-oppression-180217145412378.html
  10. Religion and philosophy ask existential questions. Unlike science which is focused on the mechanics. It's like the difference betweena mathematicians and engineers.
  11. So if the earth stopped gravity wouldn't be affected. Please elaborate.
  12. https://www.yahoo.com/news/jared-kushner-apos-admitted-donald-102800653.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=fb
  13. Black America's problems stem from the destruction of culture. Blacks have been invisible in history, and the media. You study what is important. So am in favour of positive exposure. What were you taught in history about Black Americans. What on your experience is the portrayal of Blacks in the media. Barack Obama, Tyson Degras(?) are symbolically important. Both men were important to All people. Since they are leaders in a very competitive field, which is predominantly white. So they are beacons and will be welcomed amongst our current ones in sports and entertainment.
  14. Trump clearly understands his target audience. That's what brilliant marketers do. https://www.yahoo.com/news/jared-kushner-apos-admitted-donald-102800653.html?soc_src=hl-viewer&soc_trk=fb
  15. Thank you Cynique that means a lot to me.
  16. I have seen the movie. The beneficiaries of the 1 mil and the 100 mil may not share your opinion that the movie and Disney don't matter in the lives.
  17. Point made. I was thinking out loud with the wisdom vs knowledge point. So it's not an idea I gave more than a minutes thought. My interjections into Troy and Pioner's don't generally result in much change. Troy probably responds more expressively than Pioneer. I very rarely add humour into a post. I am have been told that I skip steps or assume the listener has information to fill in the gaps. Poignant comment is not going to be explainable. But I agree that you are a Bit Picking bitch. The accents are on the nit and the picking. However I am aware of the context clarity issue . and appreciate your mentioning it
  18. You have me confused with either a waiter or remote control. Discussing opinions is hard enough. Do you dislike Pioneer that much, that none should agree with his positions. Do you feel a plus for Pioneer is a minus for you. You may be projecting your relationship with Pioneer and K2 onto me. The two of you seem more like homes than Pioneer and I.
  19. Is that a misdirection. The initial statement is that the movie is just entertainment and will not effect the lives of Blacks. Both you and Cynique stated that earlier. That is your primary argument. Which I disagreed with and then showed that it was not true. So you will accept neither that the movie is inspirational or philanthropic. There is also a course at UCLA that is due to Get Out. You will see the same for BP by June 2018. I can't convince you but time may.
  20. @Cynique if you are explaining my motivations to me then we have disengaged.
  21. https://edition.cnn.com/2018/03/18/politics/lindsey-graham-mueller-probe-cnntv/index.html
  22. You have been especially hard hitting.
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