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"I love my natural hair because..."

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I found this video on a cool new website: www.afrostateofmind.com


There has been a resurgence interest in natural hair styles and this change has been reflected in the number of books on the subject that I have seen lately.


I did not watch this particular video all the way through as I just wanted to see the reveal.


I don't think this is a fair assessment of the difference between "natural" and relaxed hair, for one the model is wearing a wig--a crazy looking one at that.  And her natural hair was... I just call it undone.


This particular model would look equally attractive, albeit different, with a nice natural style or a halfway decent looking wig.


While I personally prefer a natural style, I don't really care what women decide to do with their own hair.


I don't even sport a "natural" style myself.  I shave my head bald. I don't like my natural state of a receding hair line, growing bald spot, and salt and pepper color.


Perhaps if I lived in a culture where natural signs of aging were respected for what they are, signs of maturity, I might allow my hair to grow out my head, naturally.  


But the baldie bean does offer one important benefit--I don't have to deal with the barbershop any more.  That was one activity I never liked, my time and money is better spent now.  Well at least my time is ;-)

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