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Too Much HBO Can't Possibly Be Good For You

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Has anyone ever considered what all this negative/violent programming does to one's psyche? I can't image there is no adverse impact.


I think about this as I watch HBO's programming from True Blood, The Wire, The Soporanos, Game of Thrones, Broadwalk Empire, etc all this evil can't be good for you; can it?


When I was a kid the TV shows seemed to be much more wholesome and I enjoyed them. 


Even some of the programming that addressed culural issued did so intelligently and with all the gore, sex, obscenities, etc.  I think shows like All in the Family, or even Star Trek did this quite well.


I wonder if I watched more wholesome TV shows would I be happier?  I'm not saying I'm deprrssed or anything, but would we, as a culture, be better off without all the violence and dysfucntion we see on TV all the damn time.




Let me go watch It's a Wonderful Life and a few episodes of the Cosby Show and talk to you all in the morning. 

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Hey the Snake should have stabbed the Mountain through the head and we wouldn't have that picture above, lol. I think television definitely affects our moods, but if we have some balance then its okay. I watched Dexter religiously. It may have made me have some dreams and want to write a book like that, but I didn't become a serial killer. I do get what you are saying though, but stay away from the Cosby show, you might end up raping women and giving a lot of money to Black colleges.

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Are you 2 talking about the same Dexter???? LOL


Troy, I think you can still catch reruns of "Leave it to Beaver" and Mayberry RFD to satisfy your wholesomeness "Jones". Over-dosing on bloody violence can be avoided by not watching the shows that are saturated with this gore. 


As for me, I don't have much of an appetite for saccharin programs oozing with pap.  I like what's edgy and bizarre although I don't dig most reality shows, especially the ones featuring a bunch of bickering ditzy housewives.  I like some of the sit-coms that are brilliantly written like "The BIg Bang Theory", too.  Laughter is good medicine.  I am  also a fan of all the true crime shows like Dateline and 48 hours and the ID cable channel series.


America, itself, has strayed from its puritanical values. It likes to think of itself as a civilized god-fearing country full of great integrity.  Not.  This was demonstrated when certain lawmakers tried to shame the CIA for brutally torturing political prisoners. Most  Amercans responded with a silent approval of guys like Dick Cheney showing no mercy to our perceived enemies. The current box office blockbuster "American Sniper" portraying the callous Navy Seal who was proud of having picked off hundreds of suspicious Iraqi and Afghanistan civilians during his tour of duty has sparked a controversy with the few who think this guy is really a psychopathic coward, being shouted down by those who think he should be honored for efficiently doing what he was trained to do. Everybody in between is apathetic. 


At all levels of our society, the "nice guys finish last" mentality prevails.  How many sports fans are outraged over the accusations that the Seattle Seahawks may have deflated footballs to give themselves an advantage in the super bowl playoffs?  This news elicits little more than cynical chuckles from the vast majority of fans. Internationally, Americans are not the good guys and at home average citizens are prone to do anything they think they can get away with. It's a sign of the times.  The Christian pope may have become a super star and is refereeing a fight between Allah and Abraham but Satan is the real winner.   Lord have mercy.

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Cynique I think Troy is definitely talking about a different Dexter. I'd be worried if he was letting his kids watch the Dark Passenger Dexter, lol. Oh and it's the New England Patriots who cheated not the Seahawks. Once again though you are right on point with this one.

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