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Michael Chabon's annotation of Kendrick Lamar's "The Blacker the berry"

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I am certain this should be under the literature section, but it fits both sections. Pulitzer Price winning author Chabon does an analysis of a song Lamar released yesterday. Powerful stuff. Check it out: http://genius.com/4869098/Kendrick-lamar-the-blacker-the-berry/Been-feeling-this-way-since-i-was-16-came-to-my-senses-you-never-liked-us-anyway-fuck-your-friendship-i-meant-it-im-african-american-im-african-im-black-as-the-moon-heritage-of-a-small-village

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I finally got around to checking this out.  I'd seen this site before, stumbling across it looking for song lyrics.


The interesting thing about his notes is, like poetry (or anything said or done), people bring their own interpretations.  It does not mean that Chabon is right or wrong.  It just means that Lamar lyrics are open to interpretation (which of course is the point). 


As plain as Lamarr lyrics were, I did not agree completely with Chabon's interpretation.  I also saw a mistakes in the lyrics (though they don't materially impact the meaning).


I get the impression both Chabon and the person who transcribed the lyrics, are not Black.

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