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African Americans Watch 50 Hours of TV Per Week!


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According to an article published by Nielsen.  African Americans also.

  • Listen to the radio for more than 48 hours
  • 56 hours using apps or mobile Internet browsers on their smartphones
  • two and a half hours watching videos on their smartphones

Presumably some of these Black folks work a 40 hour week (160 hrs per month), which is a bold assumption given the economy.  I would also assume these folks sleep  for 7 hours a day or (roughly 210 hours a month), a luxury to be sure.  Maybe an hour of eating, and an hour of caring care of personal things (bathing, and other bathroom related activities).  Assuming a 30 day month, we have 720 hours to work with. Taking the information from Nielsen's report, and combining it with conservative estimates of things most people have to do we have; 


160 hours work

210 hours sleep

48 hours radio

56 hours mobile aps

200 hours TV

30 hours eating

30 hours (bathroom related activities)


That is 734 hours 14 more than are available.


Now I know not everyone fits into every category, and people can do more than one thing at a time (watch TV and eat), but 200 hours of TV a month just seems extreme.  


I watched 6 hours of TV on day last week and I felt like a complete slob afterwards, and viewed never to do that again.  According to this report Black people watch more than 8 hours of TV a day!  I simply don't believe it.


But why would they lie, or report numbers that don't make sense?


Does anyone reading this believe those figures and their conclusions:


African-Americans watch the most television of any group, watching nearly 200 hours per month—roughly 60 more hours than the total audience! While blacks watch more real-time (i.e., live) television than other groups, levels of time-shifted and video-on-demand viewing are increasing as well, furthering the notion this group of consumers is multifaceted in their approach to viewing their favorite broadcast and cable programs.


I don't.  

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I don't believe this. I mean we watch a lot of shows and I think total we watch about 30 hours a week. I think they are confusing having the Tv on with actual watching. I know sometimes people turn the Tv on and let music videos play all day but no way people are watching that much.

Now if we look at conspiracy theory stuff a report like this would continue to generate marketing for a group that doesn't seem to have any control over their disposable income

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Exactly Chris.  


Further, If you are someone who actually watches TV for 30 hours, but you believe everyone else watches for 50, you don't feel so bad. You may think if it is OK to watch even more, since you are not watching as much as everyone else, and we know all know who this enriches.


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My TV is on 24 hours a day.  I may or may not be watching it, and when I do watch it, it is mostly in snatches,   Very few programs do I sit down and view in their entirety. A good part of the time, my TV is turned to the Music Choice channel where l listen to 1950 ballads or jazz standards. Television is such a constant in my life that is like a background to it, and sometimes I don't even know it's on because its volume is usually low. I can tune it out and have no problem reading or contemplating and meditating when it's on. I also go to sleep with it going and very often what is on influences what I dream about. Needless to say it is my companion.  i dont know why television has become an integral part of my life. Whenever power outages occur I retreat into dark silence and listen to what's going on in my head and visualize whatever images I choose to conjure up. I still enjoy this in spite of being brainwashed by TV.


I was about 18 years old when my family got their first TV.  Up until that time we listened to the radio and went to the movies for entertainment. Me and my friends also read a lot of books.  When one of us came across as good one, we'd pass it around among ourselves.  A bygone time.


The longer I live,  the more odd my life gets.  A blank computer screen and a keyboard stimulate my creativity which seems to feed on itself.  Like now.  Also, another strange phenomenon is occurring in my life.  I could always draw a little, now suddenly I have taken to sketching the human body and have become quite adept at this.  I do remember one of my college roommates was an art major who actually had the medical volume, Gray's Anatomy, as a textbook and I would watch her practice drawing parts of the human anatomy that were illustrated in this book. What's really strange is that I have advanced to the point of drawing bodies in what are probably Kama Sutra positions. How I know how to do this I have no idea. I didn't  go see "50 Shades of Grey", have always been a missionary position prude, and suspect that I still am.  :o  What do you make of this, Delano??? :huh:  


Sorry. folks.  Slow day. ;)

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