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John H

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The publishing world has undergone a revloution in the last 10 years. My book FACES IN THE MIRROR: OSCAR MICHEAUX AND SPIKE LEE was recently published by Fireside. Eleven years ago a book I wrote on the Supreme Court and civil rights was published. In the decade between the publication of the two books, marketing underwent a sea change, mostly due to the internet. I want to pass on a few tips to current authors and receive a few tips. (1) Get a Facebook website for your book. This can cost you or your publisher some money but a professional-looking site can be gotten at a reasonable cost. A site will allow you to post regularly about your book and (hopefully) develop a fan base. It aalso allows you to keep viewers abreast of your book reading/signing events and can boost turnout. (2) Find and join relevant Yahoo, Facebook and Google groups. My book deals with African-American film. There are dozens of such groups on the net, allowing me to post to a combined membership in the thousands. (3) Through sites like Reader's Circle identify book clubs, bookstores, and other venues that might be interested in having you a do a book reading/signing can be identifies and contacted. These are somethings that immediately come to mind. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts and suggestions. In addition to replying here access my Facebook site at Faces In The Mirror. Thanks.

John Howard

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Guest 904Diva

Also as far as advertising, look into cable. Their rates are dirt cheap and you can focus on a certain group of people you want to reach through said programs.

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I would suggest using a facebook "fan" page for the author. Rather than a profile page for the book (I think that is what you meant John H). The fan page provides stats on the number of visits to the page and a bunch of other useful stats that profile pages don't.

Besdies you can keep your profile page for you "real" friends and associates while anyone can be a fan.

John H. you should also post the actual facebook link that you have invited people to visit. Failing to do so would discourage all but the most motiviated people to look you up.

904Diva, cable advertising; interesting that seems even more expensive. What are the typical rates for cable TV in your area? How many viewers would one expect at that rate. How much does it cost to create the actual commerical?

Nowadays I fast forward through commericals when I watch TV.

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