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The Top 10 Things You Need to Know about On-line Advertising


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The Top 10 Things You Need to Know about On-line Advertising

by Troy Johnson

  1. Advertise on sites that target your audience.
  2. Advertise on sites that have high traffic.
  3. Advertise on sites that can provide details on your advertising campaign (how many times was the ad viewed and clicked). This will enable you to compare how well your advertisement is performing relative to other sites or forms of advertising.
  4. More is always better: The more targeted people who see your advertisement, the more people who will have an opportunity to take action (fill out a form, visit a website, view a video, or buy a book).
  5. Your creative (book cover, ad banner, or video) must be visually appealing (text legible, no fuzzy images)
  6. Your landing page (where you send visitors who click you ad) should be; visually appealing, free of errors, directly related to and provide more information on the advertised product.
  7. On-line advertising (advertising in general) is not a 1 week proposition. It takes time to build a brand; and continuous advertising is required to maintain it: Coke, Apple, and IBM still buy advertising. Budget accordingly.
  8. While the ultimate goal of your advertising campaign may be to sell a book; that is not the only reason you advertise (see #7).
  9. On-line advertising does not replace promotion. Continue to promote your brand both on-line and off-line.
  10. Ultimately, your business success is a function of your ability to maximize customers AWARENESS of your product that actually satisfies that customer’s NEED.
To learn more about advertising and self-pulishing in general check out Aspicomm Media's Self-Publishing Symposium 2010

Check out a short Video from the Self-Publishing Symposium 2008

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