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Daughter Cry No More

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Hi. I am a new author and I recently published my debut novel Daughter Cry No More in January of this year. Please check out my fictional novel on Amazon here:


Also, please like my author page on Facebook here:



I return all likes.


Thank you.

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I'd encourage all authors to use affiliate links when sending readers to Amazon.  Read this article, 5 Things Writers Must Do To Survive Online to learn why.



Not to pick on this particular author, because she is becoming more typical; apparently she does not have a website, and is sending people to Facebook instead.  I believe this does more to help Facebook than it does to help her efforts.  

The author is sending people to Amazon directly, again, rather than her own website.  But even worse she is sending them to Amazon without even taking advantage of the affiliate program. LeTressa, if you ever come back to this website, here is a cleaner link you can use to send people to Amazon: http://aalbc.it/daughtercrynomore  Someone should be getting a cut of that sale--while Amazon is still offering commissions. If you use the link I provided AALBC.com will earn the commission.

Thanks for sharing information about you book here--I give you a big up for that :-).  But you can provide much more information.  I've added your book cover.  This does not have tpo be the drive-by type of post one does on social media.  We are actually here to learn about good books and to support writers. :-)

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