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Outreach to Support Bloggers Helping Bloggers


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One of the most important things that will serve this effort is data.  I will try to share what I have.  I hope other will do so too.

I wrote a Blog post called, "How Bloggers Can Help each Other" I'll report how many people read the post after it has been up a while

I also posted a link to the Blog post on the Blog section of Huria Search

I sent an email to all of the Bloggers for whom I was able to find an email address.  When I sent the email there were 195 Bloggers in my database.  I was only able to find email addresses for 128 of those Bloggers.  Apparently 5 of those email addresses were no good, so my email reached 123 Bloggers. Just over half opened the email and only 12 clicked any of the links in the email.  While a better than 50% is excellent, I'd hoped for a better response rate; so far only two additional people have expressed an interest on this forum. 


I did share minimally via social media (non-peak periods) and on a Black Blogger social network, called Black Blogger's Connect.  I have not noticed any engagement through these efforts and I have not really looked though.

I plan to share information about this in my next eNewsletter, that will drum up more support.

I never had any illusions that this would be an easy task.  But ultimately I'll like to learn why a Blog would not join an effort to share information and collaborate.

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I think this has more to do with the numbers and type of blogs being run. The majority of bloggers are women. Women tend to have their own groups and networks that they deal with. If there is any movement that shifts them away from that area they are comfortable in, they don't shift, they stay in their areas. While I'm writing, I realize that this is almost everyone, not just women. We all find our comfort zones and stay there.

I have made it a point to visit at least 5 sites a day. It's kind of my mantra. I also made it a part of my routine to check AALBC 5 times a day. There is a level of responsibility that a person has to have outside of their comfort zone and I just don't think people have it. I also don't think people respond to e-mails very well although it is still one of the most successful methods of reaching people.

I think this will be very similar to my discussion about my final "Facebook" sucks post. http://www.cbpublish.com/business-further-proof-of-facebooks-faults/

Ultimately, the only thing that will help a blog or a small biz is a continuous famous cosign or an extremely dedicated and focused network.

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Do monthly thematics with groups of bloggers by blog subject matter, have an overall monthly theme that everyone participates. Post and follow a schedule to engage on each other's blogs around the theme.  Use social media to cross promote the posts about the topic making it something of a month long round table discussion. Win win win for bloggers... readers and demographic impacted by the topics of discussion. Schedule themes around topics that are being discussed globally... have a common place to announce thematic changes for breaking news topic changes like 1)the Cosby scandal when it happened, 2)a new Black Lives Matter incident, 3) political developments during the voting season... Even when it is "entertainment" based blog subject matter discussing how current national news events impact the subject matter covered by the blog. 

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