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Americans are a Bunch of Fat Asses

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I have a cousin, approaching 50 years of age that lives in Philly. He is always lamenting the derth of available women. His argument is that most of the women his age, that are available are simply too fat.

The data seems to support his observations: http://runt.it/fasinfat

In many ways this is sad. I've also read that this generation is the first one whose life expectancy will be LOWER than the orevious one -- primarily due to obseity.

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Hey Troy,

Your relative's displeasure with fat women is understandable. We all have our preference. However, as a fat woman, I take issue with this -- so let me begin with the l-o-n-g story - I have been fat my entire life and have lived a good one - I think. I do not make any excuses about my situation - i.e. its glandular, I have big bones, or there is more of me to love. My base issue is that food taste good -- that is it! I am a gourmant - and enjoy the culture of international cuisine - Thai, Greek, Lebanese, Gambian, Indian, Jamaican, Italian, Vietnamese, you name it -- I LOVE IT!

However, after the recent doctor visits - the songbook of my life - has turned critical because of my age - which is not yet 50 but no longer 25 - somewhere in between. In taking a sober examination of my food fetish - I noticed that my portions were the problem - I was not over a trough of doughnuts nor swilling down gallons of ice cream. My portions of were WAY off. A serving of rice 1/2 to 1 cup - when I measured mine were 4 cups and higher - not good. Even at resturants - I have started ordering children's meals which are portion appropriate.

At the end of the day - everyone will have to face their own demons - the sad thing is that your relative - for aesthetic reasons could be missing out on the relationship of a life time - because he does not like fat women - funny thing - I don't like fat men -- Maybe I too have missed the boat -- what can you say -

Soul Sister

ps - check out this blogger - Leslie who has gone public with her demon slaying -- I could not locate part I


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Soul Sister, I truly appreciate you candor and honestly. Rarely does an overweight person describe themselves the way you did. I trust you will continue to take care of yourself and reap the benefits of striving for a healthier weight.

I'm 48, I LOVE food too –- all the cuisines you mentioned and more! I'm also 30 pounds lighter than I was when I was 45. The single biggest factor in my weight loss was eating less. I eat all the same food – just less. I also try to get into the gym or do something physical 3 times a week. Sometimes I make it sometimes I don’t.

The other benefit is just an overall sense of feeling good. My clothing fits better. I feel as healthy as I did when I was 30 (no exaggeration).

Hypertension runs in my family. My father passed at 44, his bother passed at 36. This is terribly sad; so much so because it was so avoidable. (note: I also understand, as a 48 year old Black man, there were other things going on which led to self-destructive behavior back then. Perhaps we are seeing similar issues in Black women today?)

Aesthetics is one thing, health is entirely different matter. Weight related health problems, in most cases can be avoided. Again, this is part of the reason why life expectancy is going down – more so in our community.

Another thing that bothers me are the women who say it is OK to be a “Big Girl”, telling other women it is OK to embrace and love the extra girth.

To me this is the same as glamorizing cigarette smoking, binge drinking or sexual promiscuity. A perfectly normal human being can, from time to time, engage in all of the above activities. However it is wrong to suggest there are no consequences if the behavior becomes a habit or a life style.

We should all strive to maintain a healthy weight not for appearance sake but our own health and well being.

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have a cousin, approaching 50 years of age that lives in Philly. He is always lamenting the derth of available women. His argument is that most of the women his age, that are available are simply too fat.

(See? This is the Bushwah I'm always talking about!


This is not a problem!)

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Being overweight is a growing national health problem. And black women are particularly hit hard by this tragic national trend. There are many reason for it. Most of which are not acceptable. But in this victimization and entitlement culture we live in, it often times does not allow brutally honest and non-PC discussions of why people are fat. I see it every day. There are very few if any acceptable reasons for being grossly overweight. It's so sad....

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