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31st Day of #BlackHistoryMonth: AALBC.com Launches


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On March 2nd 1997, I registered the domain AALBC.com.  I had already been working on the website for the previous 5 months, and could never have imagined that I would still be working on it over 18 years later.

Over the years I’ve worked a variety of jobs in a bunch of locations, and nothing has ever motivated me more than the work I put into AALBC.com. I work hard on the website and have sacrificed a great deal to keep it going, but it never felt like work, and the sacrifices pale in comparison with what I receive in return.  

AALBC.com can’t survive in a vacuum.  It only has value when others see value in it.  So I must say, “THANK YOU” to all the readers, visitors, writers, customers, and financial supporters who continue to make this website possible.


Hopefully it does not come across as too presumptuous of me to make the launch of my website, AALBC.com, a Black History month update.  But hey, like our literature, if we don't celebrate our accomplishments one else will :)  

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