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36th Day of #BlackHistoryMonth: The 3 Bestselling Poetry Books for 1998


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It is poetry man.  Sonia Sanchez wrote a book composed entirely in royal rhyme, which you might confuse with prose masquerading as poetry if you did not happen to notice the form.  the reader don't have to know what the form is called to know one is present.

All poetry does not have to rhyme and has more to do with artistic expression.  Poetry, even free form poetry can communicates in a way that prose can not.  Don't get caught up in a rigid structure @Celestial Greatness, you'll bound yourself up and restrict your freedom.  

The world is not all about Black and white, right or wrong, facts versus  myths.  The universe is mostly unknown, unknowable and a mystery.

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@Celestial Greatness, what happened before the "big bang"?  What happens to us when we die?  What is beyond the observable universe?  While we do know a little about the universe, it would be extremely arrogant to assume we have a clue about what those rules are.  We don't even have a firm grip on what we don't know....

LOL, me write poetry... nah man.  I can barely understand most of it without a some effort.  I'm more of an analytical thinker, which is why I recognize it when I see it in others like yourself.  Since building this site I've grown to appreciate a wider variety of artistic forms. 

I'm not sure why you keep insisting kids say poetry is dull and boring.  I know you realize most songs and rap lyrics are poetry.  Perhaps it is the way it is being taught that is discouraging the kids you encounter.  Kids will find anything boring if it taught poorly.

Some people are bound by rules and rigid structure. It is much easier to conform to some preexisting rules, but that is not where the new discoveries or the great things come from.  When Einstein corrected Newton no almost no one agreed because Einstein's idea because it was so radical.  Albert thought outside the proverbial box. Still Einstein himself never fully embraced many of the ideas currently associated with the quantum world.

Rules were meant to be broken bruh.


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Man you really are fixed and rigid in your thinking Celestial, I doubt you'd ever come to appreciate free verse as as poetry or any other form of artistic expression.  I'm sure you know A LOT less about poetry than many of the artist that utilize the form, but hey lack of knowledge never stopped anyone...

What do you think about free Jazz?  I guess you'd suggest folks like Ornette Coleman don't know anything about musical theory.

Those questions I posted were not to suggest that I knew the answers; as you were so quick to point out I don't.  The answers are unknowable.  If the conditions of the situations I pointed out are unknowable, how can rules be applied to them?  What does someone like you do or think when there are no rules?

Look, all the other brilliant physicists of Einstein's day were familiar with the same rules old Albert was--perhaps more so, indeed that may have been their limitation. What distinguished Einstein from all the others was his ability to think beyond the rules he did not expand on what was already known he created a completely new set of rules--something someone like you will never do, because of you own self limitations.

I wrote "Rules were meant to be broken bruh," not to quote anyone but to make a simple statement, one that obviously went over your head.

Why for God's sake does breaking a rule lead to "...behaving like wild, obnoxious, belligerent and uncivilized animals?" Your hyperbolic statements do not strengthen your argument in fact it substantially weakens them.  

It is one thing to engage in hyperbole for the purpose of braggadocio and you are given to do.  But folk simply recognize this as a form overcompensation for other deficiencies... and it is easily ignored.

If rules are meant to be broken, this is how we grow as individuals, and evolve as a culture.

Accept it man, free verse is poetry

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Now you write free verse poetry too huh?  Oh Brother...  Given your commentary about the subject, it is more likely your free verse masquerading as poetry, not the poets listed or anthologized above. It takes balls to publicly berate an art form which you've demonstrated zero qualifications or talent to critique.

Celestial you are starting to sound like our old friend Unkel Ruckus with comments like this

"Aside from poetry, this is the precise attitude as to why the Black community has been trashed! 'They do not want rules! They want to behave like wild animals!'"

Is that your assessment, or that of the right wings racists whose rhetoric you've apparently come to embrace?  No need to reply, the question was rhetorical, for you are completely correct in your assessment: this dialog has become repetitious and is waste of time and energy.


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