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Good Fortune by Noni Carter


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This book came across my desk today. Good Fortune by Noni Carter What stuck me about this title is that Noni, the author, is only 18 years old. At first I questioned whether someone so young would have the experience or knowledge to write a compelling story on such a subject (see description below). [i know someone is saying, "Well Troy, the fact that it was published by Simon & Schuster, should be evidence to the quality].At any rate, the promotional copy described how the story is based on Noni's great-great-great-great grandmother. So I figured the family history provided at some background for a moving story -- probably worth checking out...


Brutally kidnapped from her African village and shipped to America, Ayanna Bahati struggles to come to terms with her new life as a slave. Rising from the cotton fields to her master's house, Anna is threatened by the increasingly dangerous world of the plantation. Risking everything, she escapes and makes her way north to freedom and an education, but can she shed the chains of her harrowing past to live the life she has longed for?

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