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Elder Mark Makabi

Author Page:                      www.amazon.com/author/markmakabi




“A Nation Called out of Their Name











Byword “A Nation Called out of Their Name!  What is this thought that sits in the back of every Black person’s mind every day they wake? The answer is, “Who am I? Am I just Black? Am I an African in America? Why was I ever called a Negro, a simple color for a complex people? We are not merely Black; we are the children of God, the original children of Shem. The Children of Israel now living in a new Egypt (America), but unlike our ancestors of long ago, we have not left this New Egypt; yet one day we will return to our original homeland… But first, we must know who we are and disperse the lies spread among us from enemies and those confused by their own ancestors’ iniquity against our people.



Byword is a term by which a people who have been oppressed through a system of racism answer only to the terms place upon them by their oppressors. However, these oppressors are no more powerful than the oppressed. The difference is the Children of Israel in the Americas, specifically the United States have allowed themselves to be defined by the worst of Europeans and Caucasians, the sons of Japheth. The names that so-called Black people, the African-American Negroes call themselves are wrong! Now is this an attack on whites? No! It is an embrace of truth, an embrace of the past, and an embrace of freedom, justice, and the future…



Byword “A Nation Called out of Their Name” is a book that is an atonement of the Biblical Israelites greatness not only in America but throughout the entire Western hemisphere and West Africa. Through the Middle Passage, the true sons of Jacob were and continue to be plagued by the evils of racism and social stratification initiated by the sons of Japheth (Europeans and Caucasians). Byword does not back down from the obvious problems that plague the Children of Israel referred to as the Blacks, Jamaicans, Haitians, Afro-Cubans, African-Americans, Afro-Latinos, and Caribbean peoples in the Americas.



Byword “A Nation Called out of Their Name” is a first step toward a solution rooted in self-definition; self-definition leads to self-liberation. Byword is a testimony to the plight of the Biblical Nation of Israel in America and our age of reconnecting with our true history, traditions, and the future of our children…



Live on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo, Byword is yours… a blessing to your healing, a gift to your future by addressing your past… Invest in your future and relinquish the bywords placed upon you.



Edited by Elder Mark Makabi
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@Cynique you are an old fool your generation dropped the ball for our generation, don't you know by claiming you are you, means you are separating yourself from the Most High? You haven't done no damn research and u are quick to shoot somebody else research down who is trying to wake us up and get back to the basic of who we really are, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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  😁 I'm old enough to know better. You are young and deluded, something you will soon discover.  The most high?  I don't embrace all of that nonsense. i'l l leave it to guillible wanna-bes like you, who are so out of touch with yourself you need all of this BS to cling to in order to feel validated. Get real. 😛 





l.    😁1636007486_allniggastous.jpg.4bee346552071614d339ba8c61eaebf1.jpg

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Guest Guest Nita W.

Everyone is not awake and 2/3rds will be lost. So no need to argue truth with anyone, be Christ like in all your ways.


Read, keep The Most High’s laws, for example the Sabbath as best YOU can with no excuses, respect other nations. Remember where you are and what that means, knowing all is as it should and therefore all is well.


You can lead horses to water, but if they’re not thirsty, you cannot make them drink. 



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