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As the world turds


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I recently read something said by Patrick Buchanan, a staunch Republican conservative and political pundit, who has finally decided to cast his vote for Donald Trump.  He said that Trump's promise to make America great again was what won him over. He further stated that the reason everything ran smoothly in the past was because everyone stayed in their place, - implying that separate but equal was better than racial integration, and that when women remained in the home where they belonged families were better and that, where gays were concerned, "don't ask, don't tell" was the best policy. He also said that having white men in charge was how it should be because they obviously knew how to run things. 

Buchanan has also written a book about how Hispanics are turning the country brown as their numbers expand, making them the largest minority.  He expressed fear and dismay that whites might soon become a minority and were endangered of becoming obliterated in America, the country they had built.  All I could do was shake my head.  This man's observations, however, are purely subjective so it shouldn't be too surprising that he would feel the way he does. And an argument could be made giving his views a modicum of merit. 

What can also give substance to Buchanan's opinion is that a multi-cultured, diverse society does not work over a period of time.  America is not and never has been united by its differences, but rather divided by them and the fact that we have managed to remain the United States this long is the real success story. Tolerance of others is what held things together, along with the realization that we could learn from our differences. But after a while everybody started to show their true colors.The populace tried to embrace the noble idea of democracy, but doing so proved to be an increasing inconvenience.  Capitalism was more compatible with the mind-set of the people because everyone wants to achieve the American dream of making it big by competing with others in a race to acquire a lot of money and lead the affluent life that would enable ascendancy into a higher class. Now this nation is at odds with itself. Like Buchanan, every body thinks their way is the best way, and birds of a feather are starting to flock together, leaving the American eagle sitting on the fence.

How will it all end? Is America on a collision course with political upheaval? Will the result of the presidential election neutralize or ignite revolt?  And, above all, what is the role of black people in this scenario, - black people who think neither party serves them well, but who have been unable to forge a strong coalition with other minorities who have shown little enthusiasm for the "black lives matter" movement? Will this situation inspire blacks to come together for their own survival? Will black leaders step up? Will a miracle happen? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode!

Maybe in the natural course of events, things will work themselves out. We shall see.  Or, rather, y'all shall see.  At my age, I probably won't be around when Time resolves these problems.  And guess who doesn't care. This 'ol girl is tired of it all.  Ready for a new adventure in a different dimension!  

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Pat Buchanan was one of the most prominent politicians to openly speak of race and the "culture war" that he said was taking place in the United States.
I find it ironic that the same traditionalists and conservatives who pride themselves on the "freedoms" they claim America has also at the same time insist on preserving the Western European CULTURE and TRADITIONS to the exclusion of others.

But to answer your question......
I think the upcoming election will IGNITE it.

I used to think that if Trump got in his policies would be so extreme that it would force the masses to revolt.
Now I believe that is a possibility, but even if Clinton get's elected....those who are behind Trump will be so enraged about it that they will become violent and cause a revolt also.
So either way it won't be pretty........

I've been meaning to tell you for quite some time to quit talking about how you're not going to "be around" to see this or that.
You may be in your 80s, but NOBODY knows when they're time is going to come.
You can go in your 80s....you can go in your 20s....you can even die while still in the womb.

The election is only a couple weeks away, then the inauguration in January  and the months it takes for any President's policies to take effect so with God's grace we'll ALL be around to witness what happens afterward.

But if you're THAT concerned of what may happen as a result of this election.....
You can give me your address and I'll hop on I-94 and come over to Illinois "protect" you for a few weeks....lol.

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Well regardless of the election's outcome, the denizens of Chicagoland have a World Series win.  I'd image, for many of them, that is more important than the outcome of the election.

What would a Trump or Clinton presidency be without Cynique's observations?

With the election less than a week away, voter intimidation is underway. The 100-year-old church burned is in Mississippi.


 Based upon the result of early voting it appears this form of intimidation is unnecessary, as Black voters are, understandably, not coming out at the same rate that they did for Obama.

Regardless of the outcome of the election, the country has made plain how much plain how deeply troubled it is.  Neither trump or Hillary is about to heal these wounds.  I can only hope they don't make thing even worse.

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