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RE: reality check for carey carey


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In posting that "Wizard" attack on Chrishayden, carey, it's so obvious that you were miffed because Chris rejected your position by refusing to blindly support Obama, so you are now trying to "save face".

You can't best Chris in this Obama debate, so you are trying to draw attention away from your failure by ridiculing a book he wrote, which no matter how flawed, is better than any of your efforts. You, of all people, are on shaky grounds trying to bash someone else's writing as bad as your inept meanderings into a maze of loose ends are. The only thing your sophomoric attempt to get even with Christ does is to prove how petty you are.

Plus, you continue to over-estimate the impact you have on people. But you don't intimidate or impress anybody with your lame attempts at playin "hardball". And you're always accusing others of having a big ego, yet you really think you are the supreme arbitrator of what being "black" is all about. You set your rigid little standards and expect everybody to go along with them as if you're somebody worthy of being emulated. Not. You are clueless when it comes to the concept of diversity. Time to wake up and realize that you ain't nothin but a tangled-tongued wanna-be who thinks he's in the know - a delusion inasmuch as you are not a critical thinker, but a linnear one whose peripheral vision is blocked by your innate lack of deductive reasoning powers.

In bringing this reality check to a close, carey, I'll stoop to your level by repeating a playground chant: you think you're "it" but you ain't "shit".

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