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Howard Zinn dies at 87

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Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn has been fighting for progressive causes since the 1930s, when he began organizing workers in the New York City shipyards. He later embarked on an enduring career teaching political science first at Spelman College and then at Boston University.

Over the years, the celebrated firebrand wrote numerous eye-opening books advocating economic and social justice, perhaps most significantly, A People's History of the United States, an incendiary work which turns many of the prevailing myths about America on their heads. Presented from the perspectives of assorted minorities and women, it, for example, portrays leaders of slave and Indian revolts like Nat Turner, John Brown and Geronimo as heroes, and once-revered, fat cat Presidents like Washington and Jefferson as exploitative slave owners guilty of expansionist ethnic cleansing.


Los Angeles Times Article

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