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Gender: No Longer a Simple Question


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@Pioneer1, you're gonna love this one :)

While I'm filling out this form on the AWP website, I'm considering pitching them a panel since AWP will be in my neck of the woods next year, I got to the question of "gender."  Usually, this is a binary choice Male or Female but no, AWP presented me with this veritable cornucopia of choices.

    I want to meet the person who feels the needs to choose the last option--surely they must be extraterrestrial.

    This is political correctness run the fu*k amok!  I could see three options Male, Female, Other.  Book why does AWP need this information anyway? Are they planning to make special accommodation for the deluge of Two-Spirt and Gender Fluid attendees? I seriously doubt it.

    Like a buffet, I was felt compelled to choose more than one option.  The form allows you to do this!?  I'm going to choose "A gender not identified here."  

    I'll not be defined by society's restrictive labels!

    On the same form:

    The striking thing here is that there were more gender options than Race/Ethnicity.  This is another stupid question, as the options are not mutually exclusive.  I picked, "A race/ethnicity not identified," because my race is Sapien.

    I'm not half way through the form and these folks are already pissing me off.  They are gonna love my subject; driving a stake through the heart of what they hold so dear... social media.

    Maybe I am a "Dinosaur" @Delano...

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    I picked, "A race/ethnicity not identified," because my race is Sapien.

    What if you were meeting  a stranger in public and had to describe yourself?
    Would you tell them you were "human looking".....lol


    I usually don't bash political correctness because it's far better to have a society that is too polite than one that is ruthlessly vulgar and offensive, but......

    This is political correctness gone too far.

    Actually when it comes to gender..like sex....there should only be 4 categories at the most:

    -Androgynous (having characteristics of both)
    -(and a word that denotes one who has the characteristics of neither)

    That fact that you noticed that there were more categories for gender than for race/ethnicity indicates that the strategy used by racists of not only equating homosexuality with race but even attempting to "over take" the race issue in America and turn the public's attention away from it and towards gender or sexuality issues is having a degree of success.

    For years I've been watching this "fake outrage" of young White people who don't feel they have an identity or anything to be angry about like "the Blacks".....so they spend a lot of their time trying to make up something.

    Some use environmental issues to "get angry" about....
    Others use LBGT issues to "get angry" about.........
    Some conservatives make Christian rights their thing to get angry over....
    Yet others go back to using ethnic heritage like being Irish or Italian to jump up and down over and claim how oppressed and discriminated they have been.....

    So this is just one more strategy from a list of them that they have used to try and drown out the race issue and focus the public's attention elsewhere.

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    I like the new photo @Delano, you have not changed a bit.  Black don't crack :-)

    Pioneer, I would describe myself it terms that would make sense to you, Black, brown eyes, bald, 5' 7' stocky, etc. but if the asked about my race or anyone else's, I would say "human" or homo Sapien Sapien if pressed.

    Political correctness is unclear at best and dishonest as worst.  I prefer honestly,

    I recognize honesty is often mistaken as rudeness or rudeness disguised as honesty.

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    you have not changed a bit. Black don't crack

    Maybe he didn't spend his early years guzzling down 40s....lol.


    I hear what you're saying cousin.....
    And actually I used to say the same thing.

    I said I'd rather someone let me know straight up where they're coming from, than smile in my face and hide their rage.

    I used to live on the West Coast where people aren't as straight forward and direct as they are back East. You could hang out with a person all day and night laughing and joking and wouldn't know they had a problem with you UNTIL you heard if from another friend the next day.
    "Ah man....so-n-so don't like yo ass!
    You ain't pick up on that????"

    I grew up with people letting you know when it was time for you to get up out their house....lol.
    They'd yawn and say,
    "Let me get around here and get some rest I gotta get up in the morning"

    or even a straight up:
    "Yall niggaz need to go home I'm about to turn in"
    ....with a SMILE ofcourse....lol.

    Instead, out West people would just start staring straight ahead like they weren't participating in the conversation anymore or they'd start playing with their phone HOPING you'd get the message.....lol.

    So being TOO polite and smiley ain't good.

    But on the other hand there's something to be said about a "polite" society.
    When people tend to be civil and respectful of one another and TRY to tolerate differences it cuts down on the hostility and violence.

    I mean, look at the Trump rallies and how some people behave when they have just a LITTLE taste of freedom to step away from being politically correct and like the real "them" come out!

    So although I don't care too much for the sneaky racists who smile in your face but then turn around and plot all types of mischief behind your back.
    ....I've been called a "nigger" to my face before by a few White people who let me KNOW where they stood and I almost ended up seriously injuring them in return.
    That's when I changed my tune and said that if were going to get along in this society without bloodshed, it's best to politely keep some of our views to ourselves.

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