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harry brown

Flint. Water Scandal, Manslaughter ,Charges.

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Flint ,Michigan Lead Water Scandal. News Says, 5  Charged With,,Involuntary  Manslaughter ,Charges. ,Including The ,Head Of The Health Department,And Nick Lyon ,The Highest Ranking,Person In The Republican  Governor Administration. He Deliberately Did Not Tell The Majority Black Community Of Flint,About Legionnaires Disease,From Poor Water Quality..News,Talkers If This Was A Affluent White Community,This Would Not Have Happened. Racist White,Demons. Where Is Dr. Ben Carson,Secretary Of health,HUMAN Services. He Was Born , In .Detroit. Ben Carson,Idiot,Like Trump And His  Racist Idiot Cabinet....Cosby Trial,A Mistrial,Not Surprised....If He Is Guilty,He Lucky. I Think,Prosecutors Will .Plan Another Trial..

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Well I have to say I'm surprised were charged with such serious offenses in Flint Michigan case.  I have not been following it, but I hope this sends a message and stops administrators from endangering the lives of the public.

I have to also say these poor working stiffs pay the price, while Wall Street, Big Tabacco, Fossil Fuel exec, continue to rape (I mean reap) billions of dollars from the public. taking homes, giving people cancer, and polluting the environment.

I just heard they plan another trail for Cosby after this mistrial.  I thought they gave up after a mistrial...maybe it is the discretion of the judge. I dunno. I guess they will keep up until the man is in jail.


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I haven't been following it much either...and I'm less than 100 miles away.

Me and some other foreward thinking Black folks have tried to get sommething going up there, I guess they weren't too crazy about other Black folks from outside the city helping them.

Too many of the residents wanted to snuggle up to White philanthropists and opportunists who started targeting the city. The same negroes who loved putting their trust in the hands of White so-called "liberals" who they thought came in to help them and give them some money are now losing their homes and as a result.
Many of them who wouldn't open their doors to US, are in jail because they opened their doors to White folks who were walking around the city but were really law enforcement officers who disguised themselves as red cross aid in order to serve warrants.

I saw this thread and I thought it was about that shit Steve Harvey said.
Somebody from Flint called up on Steve's show and said something salty about Cleveland and Lebron not winning the play offs and Steve made fun of the lead being in the water and told my man to enjoy a nice glass of that dirty brown water.


I couldn't believe somebody as smart as him (he acts silly for entertainment but he has to be pretty damn smart to get where he's at) would say some callous not to mention dumb shit like that.
Even if he were THINKING it, he should have known how scandalous it would look to the public for him to say it.

And he's a Black man too??
How can you sit up and look at Black people....especially Black children....who suffered from this and sit up and make jokes about it?

Some Black entertainers seem to be so juvenile at times.......
I remember Damon Wayans used to make fun of handicapped people.
He did it during his stand-up routine and then started doing it on a regular basis on In Living Color.

Damon is very talented, but he should have gotten his ass beat...by other Black folks....for doing that, for real.
Offensive behavior has to be nipped in the bud before little children catch on to it and think it's ok and normal to do....and you do that by CHECKING adults who dare to do it!

I'm sure Steve only said it out of impulse because he felt so strong for his city that he wanted to hit the caller back where he figured it would hurt.....but Black are often TOO impulsive.
You get to the point where you're so impulsive and want to strike back so quick that you don't even THINK about your actions and their consequences.

The mayor is asking for an apology from him.....and will probably get it.
But thats just the least of his worries.

That dumb joke may very well end up costing Steve MILLIONS of dollars.
Either in having to give it in a large donation to the victims of the water toxicity, OR end up costing him in adverstising and other sales if he ends up having his shit boycotted in protest.



Yeah, I'm already hearing talk about another trial for Cosby.

I thought you weren't allowed to be tried twice for the same crime.
I thought it was called Double Jeopardy.

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