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harry brown

Rich Black Men,White Police.

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On The NBA ,Channel ,Saw,Jim Brown,Shaq, ,Charles Barkley,Kenny-Smith Talking Black People And The Police.  Jim, Brown  Said When A Black .Person  Is Stopped  By White Police,Do What They Say,Shaq ,There Are Some Bad Police. Shaq ,Has 2  Sons ,White Police Come Toward His Sons,They,Will Say .My. Father Is Shaquille Oneal ..Eric Garner ,Was Choked To Death Over Secrets,White Police Fired Last ,Year For Targeting Black. Drivers,Using The N Word. White,Police Fired This Year For Kicking,Stomping. A Black Man,On The Ground. Did Not Hear. Anyone Say White Police,Have Been. Fired For Being Klan,KKK,Members Past 6,Years. Shaq Wants To A Sheriff In.A Few Years,So He Can,Bring The Races Together. What Is Sheriff Shaq Oneal,Going To Do When White Police Shoot,Kill Unarmed,Black Males,White Police Is A Klan Member?What Is,Sheriff Shaq Oneal Going To Do If His Own Sons Are Shot,By,Racist White Police?Did Not Watch Whole Show..

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