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Encounters with the KKK are on the rise

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I received this text message late last night:


"Watch yourself outside. Two people I know have had encounters with KKK or neo-Nazis in Manhattan today. And yesterday, someone messaged me about a confederate flag in Brooklyn and there was a news report of one in the East Village today."



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Well, no surprise. Trump has given all of them a green light. They feel emboldened and now have a free pass to act out their Aryan Teutonic fantasies.....

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A lot of rumors are being intentionally spread also.

One young White dude I talk with from time to time but suspect of being a white racist at a local restaurant told me of a local KKK rally they were having a few miles away.
But when I checked up on it.....nothing.

Now I'm thinking why would he tell me that?

Was he just trying to scare me or see my reaction?

Yesterday I was going to a Walgreens drug store and I see a truck parked in the lot with a big confederate flag license plate and 2 people inside eating.

I look around to see if any other Black people are seeing what I'm seeing and I see a couple of young Black couple on their cell phones just jabbering and texting away.

I look at the truck, and I look at the Black man and woman.

So I go up to them and try to get their attention in a way that doesn't alert the occupants of the nearby truck.

The girl doesn't eve get off the phone, but atleast the young man stops texting and looks at me.

I point out the truck and confederate flag to them.
The boy covers his mouth like a girl and says "Oh shnapp...."
Not exactly the response I was expecting from a young man, but atleast it was a response.

The girl glances over and say something along the lines of,
"I don't know girl, some racist ass truck in the parking lot of something....anyway....".

......and kept talking and laughing over something silly.
Me and the young man had a brief conversation about Charlottseville and I told him to be careful and went on inside.

But I felt sorry for him and his being put in a position of having to defend a woman like that who doesn't seem to understand or care about the potential danger she may be in.

It goes back to what I was saying about Black men needing support from the women in the community.

It's hard to fight for someone who doesn't care.
It makes you feel like giving up and letting "whatever" happen to them in order to teach them some sort of lesson of how to show respect and support.


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