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Looking for the Best Black-owned Websites

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AALBC.com’s mission is to help promote and uplift independent websites created by, and for, people of African descent.  To that end, I’ve been researching the “best” Black owned websites.


Interestingly, many of the ones I through l were Black owned; The Root, Very Smart Brothas, etc; are not.  I'm also seeing sites that, based upon publicly available data, have a lot less traffic than I thought. Sites in this category include, Awesomely Luvvie and Your Black World As a result, I actually don't have very many sites that I'm working with to compile a best of list.


Can you all take a look at my list and let me know if I’m missing any popular Black owned websites that get a lot of traffic.  Here is my current list: https://aalbc.com/top_black_websites  


The sites I considered for inclusion are listed here: https://aalbc.com/top_black_websites/top_black_sites_list.php (almost 300 websites were checked)


My criteria for inclusion are an Alexa rank of < 500K and SEMRush rank of < 100,000.  I used these factors and others to compute an “AALBC Score.”  Don't worry about determining if the site meets the traffic standard, just share any popular sites that you know of, not already on my list.  I will continue to track these sites over time and if they eventually do meet the criteria, I've defined, they will be added to the Top Black-Owned Website list.


I will also also adjust the criteria to keep the Top Black-Owned Website list relatively short, perhaps where the list is at now, 25.  In fact, I will rename the page to The Top 25 Black-Owned Websites... lists do great in search and on social media.


Currently the “AALBC Score” is computed based upon subjective criteria including MOZ, SEMRush, Alexa.  None of these sources are perfect by themselves, but taken together they are very reflective of the strength of a site   I plan to include a subjective measure in my calculus, which will hopefully raise sites with more substantive content over sites with content that is less so.  Currently Worldstar Hip Hop is #1 on my list, because they are just killing all other Black owned sites based upon traffic.  But Atlanta Black Star is #2 and has excellent content.


Please feel free to share this request with others.

AALBC.com, also researches and reports on, the top Black book website sites, Black owned bookstores, Black owned magazines, Black owned newspapers in the United States, and Top Black Owned Websites. Read why these sites matter.

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I'm still researching this subject.  Interestingly this post came up #2 on a query on "the best blackowned websites" (without the double quotes).


I'm still plowing these sites: https://aalbc.com/top_black_websites/top_black_sites_list.php removing sites that are not black owned, adding other that are.  I'l going to factor in a website's domain page to calculate a site's AALBC Score. Any sites that have made it for 20 years or more deserve special props. 


The oldest domain I found was Vibe.com which was registered in 1994!  But Vibe is not Black owned so they'll be removed from the list...

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