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FIVE-CARAT SOUL, a New Book by James McBride--Did You About it.

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This book came out 10 days ago.  I just learned of it's existence last night. Were any of you aware of this book before now?  If so ,how did you learn about it?


I'm a bookseller and actively look for new books that I think would interest my audience.  I talk to others in the industry.  I have tons of content, much of it exclusive, on James Mcbride.  I just strikes me as crazy that I one did not get a galley of this book, or have some form of advance notice of this book's publication. 


It still amazes me that we can have so much access to so much information an still be completely uninformed...


FIVE-CARAT SOUL “feel good” fiction from James McBride

Five-Carat Soul

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I have not...but he's not on my radar either.  I agree with you @Troy , there is NO reason for publishers to overlook aalbc - it's actually disrespectful especially since aalbc has been on the 'net much longer than any other book website - and almost as long as publishersweekly.com  -


Maybe you should send a note to the publisher? 

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I hear you Mel and thanks.  But there are so many new books that I am made aware of lack of knowledge of this book will not make a difference.  Still it is surprising was was not made aware of it prepublication.  


I have no interest in reaching out to the publisher, they obviously did not put a big marketing push behind the book.  I suspect they are relying on the author's platform--he did win a National Book Award.  Who knows.  Again, I was just surprised I have not heard about the book.


I actually did share info about this book on social media in an effort to see if this book was new to anyone else and wondering if it might attract attention, but organic reach on social media for brands is largely dead, so there was very was engagement.  


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Guest Mea Delia Britt

Funny, but in my few searches here on the home page, James McBride does not come up.  I have been thinking about his fictionalized book on the John Brown story "The Good Lord Bird."  Pretty amazing book; kind of strange in the atmospheres evoked   I did not finish it because it started to feel very heavy.  that is not a bad thing, just that at the time I was dealing with this thing called life (all respect to the great poet Prince Rogers Nelson).

So is McBride off many radars?  Going back to the home page to look again.

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Hi Mea,


The search engine here on the discussion forums is restricted to the forums. The search on the rest of AALBC sesrches the entire site. We actually have a great desl of information more than most sites including exclusive video, all his books reviews, etc this query on James Mcbride will show all it.


Actually McBride is one of the most prominent Black writers out there. His book, The Color of Water, the story of his Jewish mother thrust him into prominence. 


Admittedly, his prominence is more in the white community than the Black.

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