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How They NYT Bestsellers List Is Manipulated


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This is interesting and shows how everything is not as it seems in book sales and rankings.

Mitt Romney boosted sales of his book this spring by asking institutions to buy thousands of copies in exchange for his speeches, according to a document obtained by POLITICO.


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This has been an open secret for a long time. Other tricks--counting shipments but not returns. Having some institution buy thousands of copies that are remaindered. Flat out putting books on the list without regard to any copies.

C'mon, man!

We have had TWO Presidential elections stolen right in front of our eyes in the last ten years. We have gone to war based on lies and obfuscations, resulting in trillions of dollars wasted and hundreds of thousands killed and maimed. We have had worthless stocks sold--

So What if somebody lies about some books?

This is the 21st century, man! You can't TELL the truth because you can't SELL the truth!

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Hey DT it is pretty cool how you posted this video across the net getting a realtively large number of viewers in a short period of time at no apparent cost. I need to start doing even more myself.

If you are serious about publishing the works of others I would recommendat that you get free of the free hosting from Go Daddy -- That just screams "my business is unprofessional or is to cheap or unsophisicated enought to my $5 permonth of web hosting".

As far as get others to support you business the appeal has to be more in your product and services rather than one of supporting entrepreneurs.

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