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Hack! Donna Brazile .

harry brown

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Hack Is  About Donna Brazile Claim That  The 2016 Democratic,Primary Was Rigged For Hillary Clinton Over,Bernie Sanders..She Said Democrats Are Angry With Her,She Said  Her,Critics Can Go To Hell  I Think She Is Trying To Sell Her Book. Donna Brazile Was The Former Chair Of The Democratic National,Committee . She Needs Talk About Holding Black Leaders ,And Preachers Accountable. Preachers With Prostitutes ,Preachers Killing Their Wives,Having Babies With Mistresses ,Stealing Church  Money In The Name Of The Lord......NAACP,Not, Wanting A Black Woman To Be President Of The NAACP...

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  • Of course the democrats were aligned for hillary against Bernie; should know his was was part of it.
  • Of course the Dems are angry with her. 
  • Of course she is trying to sell her book.
  • Harry forget about anyone, including Brazille, for holding Black preachers accountable, as long as they have followers and tax breaks from the government there abuses will never end.  This is as American as mom's apple pie.




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