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Amazon targets authors and marketers for alleged abuse of Kindle Direct Publishing system

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"Amazon has filed arbitration demands against several book authors, publishers and marketers, alleging that they abused the Kindle Direct Publishing system to artificially inflate their profits and sales rankings.


One of the demands, for example, alleges that a man from the Philippines offered a service to authors to boost the number of pages read in their books using hundreds of fake Amazon customer accounts, in exchange for a 40 percent cut of their profits. Amazon pays authors who participate in the Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library program using a formula based on pages read." Read the complete article at GeekWire.



Of course Amazon is not suing for issues of integrity of morality. I'm not aware of Amazon suing anyone for posting bogus book reviews or selling pirated copies of books; because those illicit activities generate revenue for them. 

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