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The mission of #readingblack is to encourage everyone to read quality books written by Black people and to purchase those books from independent booksellers. We strive to develop strategies that will make it easier for book buyers to support our mission.
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  2. Hummingbird Digital Media, an audiobook and e-book provider, has been acquired by 360 Media Direct, a growing marketing and customer acquisition agency in the print and digital media sectors. Hummingbird co-founder Josh Mettee has joined the 360 Media Direct team as executive vice president of Hummingbird Digital Media. The American Booksellers Association partnered with Hummingbird in 2018 for e-book sales. Established in 2014, Hummingbird offers a free, turnkey e-book and audiobook retailing platform that allows bookstores, publishers, media, nonprofits, and bloggers to have thei
  3. Bookshop.org has exploited the recent desire of readers to support Black-owned indie booksellers. Many Black-owned independents were unable to sell books on the web, or scale up to meet the increase in demand, by readings interested in supporting Black-owned bookstores on the heals of the George Floyd public execution. Bookshop.org; through deceptive and misleading tactics have managed to convince too many book buyers that by buying books through Bookshop.org that they are supporting Black-owned independent booksellers. One example, was the case where Oprah Magazine
  4. Defintely share the link to the updated are article @Wendy Jones I'm looking forward to reading it. Changing the royalty payment percentage read is theft. "A" still gets paid full price. The reader is not charged based upon the portion of the book read (which is none of A's business).
  5. Wonderful ideas. Thanks for this. As a reforming clutter bug, I like the idea of giving and receiving something that is not material "stuff." You might also share links to interesting sites that fit in with your book's theme. For instance, songs, youtube clips, something from Internet Archives https://archive.org/index.php , which includes movies, books, and videos. Much success on your event.
  6. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. It appears that most of the writers are on the big "A" and don't have their own websites, but we did have a webinar about how to set one up and what to put on it. More people are going to be getting off of "A" if they can. A fellow writer tells me that the method of payment for the e-books has changed. Writers used to get paid their percentage when the book was sold. Now the writers are paid as the reader is reading the book. In other words, if the reader reads three pages, the writer receives that percentage of the tot
  7. As usual, on this site not only do I get encouragement, but I also receive a thorough education. That is why I recommend this website to every writer or publisher I talk to. I feel a warmth in this community I have not found anywhere else online. Thank you, Mel. Both your counsel and your excitement about the book are much appreciated. I looked at your links and, of course, wandered off into the discussion about fictional characters and defamation. Quite intriguing. It's always good to have a plan B, so it's good to know about the Kraft Foundation. Though p
  8. Thank you, @Troy I really like the idea of a coupon to a bookstore. I could do some in the US and some in the UK and put a limit to how many I give of each so it doesn't get too costly. If I do that, I'm thinking I won't have the actors this time around. That might not be a bad thing since I want the actors to help me celebrate the anniversary of the audiobook/paperback publication day for the US edition. I'll look into how a bookstore coupon might work. I'm wondering if I would buy gift certificates through the bookstore and then give out the codes. Thanks, it's a grea
  9. @Wendy JonesIf Standard brand then or Kraft today never registered for a copyright (work for hire also requires a separate filing too) - they can't sue the publishing company for copyright infringement. That US Supreme Court ruling came down in 2019 and I wrote about on my blog (melhopkins.com : https://melhopkins.com/2019/03/04/copyright-registration-first-then-sue/ ) If a registration exist I hope you can get permission to use the photographs at least for fair us https://www.copyright.gov/fair-use/more-info.html and get a grant from the foundation to offset the cost of publishing your bo
  10. Wonderful. It's about time. Maybe others will leave now, too.
  11. Here's what I found out about work for hire while registering the copyright for Ida Bell Publishing, LLC's next book, The Culinary Art Portfolio of Josephine E. Jones, where art and food intersect. The portfolio includes ready-to-frame professional color prints, which can be removed. Josephine E. Jones, now deceased, was not only possibly the first black woman in management at a Fortune 500 company, she was also a culinary artist. What's does that mean? She made food look as good as it tasted, potato salads that looked
  12. I could not find a category for this, so here goes. I am need a black web designer who is willing to work within the design constraints of an already- designed website. The book page needs to be redone so each book (I will soon have two books) can have its own page. The same way Troy has it here. The web designer must be able to do this using the woo-commerce plug-in. Please contact me at idabellpub@gmail.com. Here's a link to Ida Bell Publishing, LLC's bookpage: https://idabellpublishing.com/shop/
  13. Just read the hardcover copy of "Caste" from the library, engrossing with laser-sharp insights. How is it that even the traditional publishers can't or won't stand up to A?
  14. It is certain the publisher was not behind this. I'm not going to waste any more of my time tying to "help" them. I don't have a meaningful relationship with anyone at PRH ... I know, that is very telling right. Gives you some insight on the state of marketing at some of these big publishing houses. Amazon has deleted the "bootleg" version of Caste and, true to form, is engaging in predatory pricing selling the book at 40% off. 40% is the discount AALBC and many booksellers get from distributors. I'm pretty confident Amazon gets a higher discount, but are probably still sellin
  15. @Yvonne Welcome! I love this idea! I was just complaining about keepsakes that I will never use or stick in a box. I'm tired of hoarding LOL. I would I prefer something digital. One of the digital keepsakes I like is royalty-free videos, photos, memes and gifs that I can share on my website without fear of someone coming to sue me. For example, I asked @Troy if I could print t-shirts with the readingblack.com logo - and he said yes! That works for both of us - I sell a t-shirt I get the money and he gets the exposure. Thank you for being environmentally friendly too
  16. @Troy please reach out to one of your Random House contacts. If they aren't behind this - they should know that someone is taking money from the author.
  17. How about digital money or a coupon to a bookstore? Welcome to the forum @Yvonne.
  18. Hi all, I hope this is alright to post here. I'm celebrating my birthday by hosting a bookclub birthday party where we discuss my book, Remembered. As part of the event, I'm having actors read extracts (also as a teaser for the Audiobook Live event I'm hosting in February). I'll also be reading from the book, answering some of my favorite questions, and genuinely celebrating getting a year older. Although the event is online, there will be a Remembered themed-playlist and Remembered-themed menu. I want to offer goody bags for people that help me celebrate.
  19. ... and another thing @Mel Hopkins you know AALBC does not get get pre-publication galleys for any of the "big books" that come out. Books like Caste or How to Be an Anitracist , etc -- books that I sell a bazillion copies of... If I get one I have to request it every time. where white owned store get multiple copies final copies -- just because. I don't have to do this with indie publishers, like Akashic Books or Lee & Low or Red Sea Press or Black Classic Press or Kensington Books or Blue Nile I could go on ... Indie presses reach out and nurture relationships. with me.
  20. If you are a bookseller and do not have a copy of Isabel Wilkerson's new book, Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents, in your hands right now, you are probably gonna have to wait until the end the month to score any copies -- assuming you placed your order soon enough in advance to get copies before they sell out again. That is unless of course you are Amazon. Now Amazon is always doing something devilish when popular books are really scarce. Today they are selling a paperback version of Caste, for $41.18 -- more than the $32 retail price of the hardcover. OK Amazon will argue th
  21. Lets see what happens. Publishing is a business of white privilege. I just added L.L. to the site: https://aalbc.com/authors/author.php?author_name=L.L.+McKinney I never heard of her before.
  22. Dana Canedy, Senior Vice President and Publisher, Simon and Schuster, Inc weighs in this topic during her PBS interview.
  23. I thought so too @Troy . When you click on the tag, however, it pulls up all the tagged discussions. Please share with me how to use the tag feature. I'd like to use the tags to include topical threads.

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