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The mission of #readingblack is to encourage everyone to read quality books written by Black people and to purchase those books from independent booksellers. We strive to develop strategies that will make it easier for book buyers to support our mission.
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  2. Troy, I am so glad that you found this helpful. I don't see independent publishing as a competitive business, but a collaborative one. And so many people have given me suggestions and information, I am compelled to return the kindness when I can. Also, if I have made a mistake, there is no need for others to make the same mistake. I appreciate your company on this journey. I will keep aalbc.com posted.
  3. Wow, @Wendy Jones this is a treasure trove of information! Thanks so much for sharing it! I will share it in my next newsletter.
  4. Just week I sent a number of emails to the leadership of the American Booksellers Association, telling them that needed to be more nuanced in how they describe Bookshop.org’s support of independent booksellers, for they were not supportive of booksellers like AALBC. This ultimately lead to a conference call with Bookshop.org’s leadership. They ultimately addressed my concerns. They asked me to join their advisory board to insure the issues of sites like AALBC are addresses. The issue of Ingram’s virtual monopoly on distribution is another issue. I continue to strategize on
  5. Troy, Thank you for making your argument so clearly. The owner came to IBPA touting the website. I looked at it, but I wasn't interested in steering readers away from my website and I am not interested in Ingram. So wonderful that you are supportive of Black bookstores as a whole, not just your own. This is what social action on the part of the community means. My hat's off to you. Bravo.
  6. Every book is different, but I thought it might be helpful to you, my fellow writers and independent publishers, to come on this journey with me. I feel as if I am perpetually falling behind schedule in doing what’s needed to get The Culinary Art Portfolio of Josephine E. Jones into the hands of readers who will be uplifted by it. THE BOOK Since here at aalbc.com you have been surrounded by advertisements, a description, and a review about the book, I won’t take too much time talking about it. But here is a summary in one place.
  7. NO SURPRISE--PUBLISHING INDUSTRY STILL LACKS DIVERSITY Diversity, equity, and inclusion were central components of several workshops and one of the two keynote speeches. A little over 100 out of approximately 3,700 members attended online April 7 - April 10. One keynote panel composed of women of color from various publishing houses spoke of the continuing lack of diversity among the staff and executives in publishing as the main reason for the lack of diversity in books published by people of color, differently abled people, LGBTQ+, and people who are gen
  8. I just read the article. Amazon is indeed forcing people to use credit cards rather than Library cards. The author also noted that Amazon owns the paper in which the article was being published, but said his viewer were his own. This may be true today, but the writers has completely missed the point. because Jeff can change this ant anytime.
  9. Or open the link in an incognito window
  10. Try Mozilla Firefox, I read it through that browser. And you might also have access to the audio version.
  11. The article has a paywall, but I recall Trevor Noah's ebook was (apparently still is) exclusive to Amazon. Amazon is the only one who can sell the ebook. So naturally they can restrict the ability of people to access it from a library. The WP article has a paywall, so I could not read it. But thanks for sharing it anyway.
  12. So it's not enough that am*zon wants to put independent booksellers out of business - now they are attempting to shut down Public Libraries too? Independent publishers and authors please don't publish with am*zon. It can only harm your business model not help it. Read more from the Washington Post Consumer Tech Want to borrow that e-book from the library? Sorry, Am*zon won’t let you. Its monopoly is stopping public libraries from lending e-books and audiobooks from Mindy Kaling, Dean Koontz, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Trevor Noah, Andy Weir, Michael Pollan and a who
  13. Thanks @Maurice I noticed this too. Libro has made the book available to booksellers at no cost. I have not started listening yet, but will do so on my next road trip or airplane ride.
  14. https://blog.libro.fm/ways-to-resist-am*zon-from-raven-bookstores-danny-caine/?mc_cid=34a4ba2011&mc_eid=357bcc6aa1
  15. Honestly that would explain their behavior. Oprahs is the face of the publication and it gives the implicit impression that supporting Bookshop.org is the same as supporting an indie web based bookseller.
  16. O, the Oprah magazine, is partly or maybe even wholly-owned by Hearst Communications. And according to the circulation report, nearly 64% of its subscribers are white.
  17. It was both. O Mag ignored my emails explaining what they were doing and what the impact had. Still, I was disappointed they decided not to link to a Black booksellers. I get that linking to Bookshop.org pays affiliate commissions. I would have done the same. I've had a couple of conversations with the ABA on this issue, they are sympathetic, but won't doing anything, as they have a financial investment in Bookshop. The investment in Bookshop was not revealed to me. I read about it in Publishers Weekly. Bookshop offered to discuss the issue with me, to their credit, but I saw no
  18. I found another "write 'em and forget 'em" author who signed with a Big 5 publisher and thought it meant the publisher would put in the work to sell his book. Signing with the Big 5 means you're going to get superior distribution - and better access to awards - BUT it doesn't mean they will sell and market your book. I was so disappointed to learn the book was out of print - mostly since the protagonist was a Black woman FBI agent taking on a case that was far beyond her reach. This book was optioned for a screenplay by none other than Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance! I did reach out to the
  19. From mediabistro via Twitter How to Pitch Christina Orlando for Tor.com WHAT IS TOR.COM? Tor.com is an online magazine and community site that covers science fiction, fantasy, and all the many related subjects that interest us as readers - Pay around $75 per article
  20. What’s the point in writing if you aren’t going to be read? If you are selling books you have to establish a plan that is going to make you known. I think that’s one of the biggest challenges authors face. It’s not the competition, developing and executing plans which get the in front of people. If you don’t have goals it’s harder to aim for greatness. I now need to learn redirection or hire someone who does it.
  21. Since I wrote my response. I have dropped all Amazon links, but I have decided to allow advertisers to link to Amazon. Many authors do not have websites, have published through and sell exclusively through Amazon, so they have nowhere else to send readers to buy their books -- I can't even sell their book here on AALBC as I'd have to source them from the author -- which is inefficient. this is an alarming trend... but that is another story. Again I believe Amazon's near monopoly has contributed to lowering of the average author's revenue. Part of the reason is the
  22. This is very good news: Self-published authors’ earnings are rising rapidly, but they still make less than traditionally published authors. While the median book-related income for self-published authors nearly doubled since 2013, rising to $1,951, they still earned 58 percent less than traditionally published authors. Among the authors surveyed who ranked in the top decile for book-related earnings, self-published authors earned 50 percent less with an annual median of $154,000. Like I said in another post my goal is $65,000 in a year of sales from this first book
  23. Hey @Mel Hopkins yeah sites that do that are a real pain. Bookshop did delete my account the very next business day. I decided not to pursue an additional offensives against Bookshp.org. As I implied earlier my time can be better spent focusing on AALBC. I could have had my affiliate program setup now were it not for me expending energy countering Bookshop.org AALBC has weathered many challenges I'll weather this one too. I'm not even going to share the video beyond posting it here.
  24. This is an excellent move! I've been on a few websites that wouldn't let me self-delete - and I've changed the copy - but never did I think to use the opportunity to protest! Bravo!!!
  25. Bookshop deleted my page and noticed my commentary. They took issue with it, obviously, and sent me this comment among other things; "We are determined to be a socially-conscious alternative to Amazon and we will not stop improving our platform to make it better and better for our patrons, our booksellers, and all of our affiliates." I replied; "I’m sure you personally believe Bookshop.org is supportive of indie booksellers, but as someone who has been selling books, independently on the web, for almost 25 years I can tell you Bookshop is not supportive of

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