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#1 - Encourage readers, of all colors, to read Black literature and to purchase those books from Black booksellers. #2 - Develop strategies to uplift the business and professionals who support #1.

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  2. Academic Marketing & Sales Did you know there are many associations that host about 352,300* conferences and meetings that are attended by professionals who can make purchasing decisions, such as making a wholesale purchases of your book? Conference exhibiting is another way to knock on a backdoor market to reach your readers. If you’re only exhibiting your books at book conventions you’re missing out on quite a few opportunities. Source: MARKETING YOUR BOOKS TO THE ACADEMIC COMMUNITY
  3. Strategies

    @Farai Caldwell and all members , Welcome! I've already noticed a change in my behavior when it comes to #ReadingBlack I enjoy reading business, science , metaphysics etc - and prior to this club I would wait for recommendations through feature articles that I read... Now I'm actually searching for the genre and determining if it is written by African-Americans and/or for African-Americans. So if any of our members have published books in the aforementioned genres - please send me (melhopkins (at) theleadstory (dot) net ) an image of the book cover, a summary or book blurb/summary and preferably a buy link I will add it to my website's bookstore and my blog posts, if it's native to the subject. Thank You!
  4. 3. Think Like an Editorial Director - and curate and create News your audience can use. Even if you have one name on your mailing list treat that one person like she represents 1,000 subscribers because she does if we can depend on exponential growth. Sometimes good content could be related to your book's subject matter - especially if you're an expert. Other times you may have to think beyond your book and really know what your customers need. For example, @CDBurns runs a website with the tagline "in-depth sneaker info. http://arch-usa.com/ I haven't sign up for his mailing list but I do follow him and his conversation on disqus. Chris Burns designs,and runs his shoe business but he also has his own publishing arm to the business too. Burns is ahead of the curve. Major Brands are now just realizing that they need a media department. I thought about him when writing this post because just yesterday, he told me about Brooks running shoes and their partnership with Black Girls Run. I'm not a sneaker head but his information appeals to me. This means when I think of sneakers, I remember him. You connecting with your audience through your expertise means they will remember you too.
  5. Are you collecting sales, likes or customers? One thing that soured me on selling books through amazondotcom and even luludotcom was both companies had information on those who purchased my books that I didn't have. Not knowing my customers put me at a disadvantage. It meant that when I had a new book they might like I had to wait until Amazon or lulu got around to telling them. What if I just wanted to keep in touch? I'm a firm believer in KIT Marketing (Keep in Touch Marketing) I also couldn't reach out to them to find out what they liked about my book...( knowing what customers like helps you to create more of it.) \ All this to say; 2. if you haven't already started, It's time to build your own mailing list.
  6. Most public librarians will tell you they get their books from Baker & Taylor or Ingram, the book distributors. That is what my librarian told me. A publisher has to meet the criteria to be accepted by these distributors. If you haven't published at least five books, you aren't eligible to even be considered. Here's how I was able to get my book into seven New Jersey public libraries (two libraries took two copies) and one New York City public library--so far. Only two NJ libraries declined the offer, but I have another way of approaching them. I will let you know if it works. I gave a reading for my home library and sold books to audience members as well as donated one to the library. After that, a sponsor took galleys to several NJ libraries. Their evaluation committees read the book and decided to accept a copy for their respective libraries. In this case, the sponsor paid me full price for the books and donated them to the libraries, but I think they would have bought the books outright. Since my home library belongs to a consortium which includes several of the libraries where my book was accepted, I was able to check the catalog to see that the book was taken out quite often. A few months later, a NY public library that neither I nor the sponsor had contacted called to order a copy of the book. This library paid the usual discount (40%) for the book. Although the circulation person did not know how she knew of the book, she said she had been given a printout. My guess is that one of the NJ libraries sent information to this NYC library.
  7. Hi @Ted Hassani Walker, Sr., thnaks for joining and please feel free to contribute ideas to advance the #readingblack movement.
  8. I am very excited and grateful to be a part of this forum which celebrates and supports Back authors.
  9. We are happy to see a great deal of coverage of the Black-Owned Bookstore list! Kolumn Magazine gave the list an excellent treatment recently. Kolumn #readingblack
  10. We are encouraging all supporters of #readingblack to use the #readingblack hashtag whenever you comment about Black books — especially on social media. This will help raise awareness of the effort. #readingblack Tweets
  11. “At Hakim’s Bookstore in West Philadelphia, there are signs of life for what is believed to be the oldest black-owned bookstore in the country. Only a couple of years ago, the store was near death’s door.” Read the rest of Valerie Russ’ article at The Philadelphia Daily News. #readingblack Yvonne Blake took over Hakim’s Bookstore (Photos credit: Geneva Heffername)
  12. When I worked for Penguin USA and G.P. Putnam's Sons - I worked in Academic Marketing & Sales and Special Sales, respectively. Big 5 Trade book publishing houses don't just have A Marketing department, they have several marketing and sales department for children's books, Young Authors, Back List etc... Here's where I'l will post some ideas on ways to distribute your titles beyond bookstores and online retailers such as Amazon. If you think of some please include them too.. Thanks to @Sharon Wilson for reaching out and remind me! For starters: How about writing a grant for your favorite charity that could benefit from your book? This way your charity can purchase your book wholesale and distribute it to the stakeholders. Not only is your book bought, it's also distributed it too!
  13. Just copy the line of code to your website or Blog to embed the map of Black owned bookstores to your website or blog. This map is automatically updated too. <iframe src="https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=1bmEDQVy0eYrwQiQQuf5386tMqwU" width="640" height="480"></iframe>
  14. Thanks @richardmurray, the more people we have thinking along these lines the better. Our think must change before our behavior changes for our collective benefit
  15. The Purpose of Our “Club”

    Good last vent @Mel Hopkins Now onto community and growth , news years resolution, only happy thoughts in AALBC @Troy yes, I will suggest more , try to aid more #readingblack
  16. How can a retailer flourish in such a daunting environment? By providing “emotional fulfillment,” which is one of Mr. Freeman’s favorite phrases. He means the joy customers take in seeing, touching, sniffing and testing the product before they pull out the credit card. A computer can’t match that experience, Mr. Freeman insists: “We are social animals. We aren’t robots who are going to make all our purchases from robots.” Read the rest of the article By Stephen Moore in the Dec. 15, 2017, Wall Street Journal
  17. Simply paste the code below where you would like to display the book websites. Updates to the book sites are made automatically. Once you paste the code there is nothing more you need to do. This code is optimized for mobile and can be run on a secure (https) website. The bookstore listing below uses the code provided below. Please send question to report bugs to me at troy@aalbc.com Thanks for helping to promote independent book websites! <!-- BEGIN AALBC.com CODE --> <script> if (!document.cookie || document.cookie.indexOf('AVPDCAP=') == -1) { document.write('<scr'+'ipt src="https://aalbc.advertserve.com/advertpro/servlet/view/dynamic/javascript/media?mid=3213&pid=0&resolution='+(window.innerWidth||screen.width)+'x'+(window.innerHeight||screen.height)+'&random='+Math.floor(89999999*Math.random()+10000000)+'&millis='+new Date().getTime()+'&referrer='+encodeURIComponent((window!=top&&window.location.ancestorOrigins)?window.location.ancestorOrigins[window.location.ancestorOrigins.length-1]:document.location)+'" type="text/javascript"></scr'+'ipt>'); } </script> <!-- END AALBC.com CODE -->
  18. You are encouraged to share these memes to promote the #readingblack movement. Feel free to create and share your own
  19. A list of Black-Owned bookstores to share for those in the #readingblack movement (a commitment to read books by Black writers and to buy those books from Black-owned bookstores). The list of bookstores, shown below may be shared on your website by adding the line of HTML code to your website. As we update our database your website will be automatically updated. You may adjust the style parameters to suit your website. <iframe src="https://aalbc.com/bookstores/readingblack_stores_share.php" padding=0 width=90% height=1000 style="border-style:none"></iframe> The code above produces this the list of bookstores below. Sharing is easy!
  20. As discussed the focus of the club has changed from the negative (boycotting Amazon), to the positive, supporting the businesses to support Black books. On social media the hashtag #readingblack will be used and doman readingblack.com will point to this website. My initial goal will be to encourage folks to read books by Black writers and to buy those books from Black booksellers and to provide the services device strategies to facilitate this process.