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Black-Owned Book Websites

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Simply paste the code below where you would like to display the book websites. Updates to the book sites are made automatically.  Once you paste the code there is nothing more you need to do.

This code is optimized for mobile and can be run on a secure (https) website. The bookstore listing below uses the code provided below. Please send question to report bugs to me at troy@aalbc.com  Thanks for helping to promote independent book websites!


<!-- BEGIN AALBC.com CODE -->
if (!document.cookie || document.cookie.indexOf('AVPDCAP=') == -1) {
  document.write('<scr'+'ipt src="https://aalbc.advertserve.com/advertpro/servlet/view/dynamic/javascript/media?mid=3213&pid=0&resolution='+(window.innerWidth||screen.width)+'x'+(window.innerHeight||screen.height)+'&random='+Math.floor(89999999*Math.random()+10000000)+'&millis='+new Date().getTime()+'&referrer='+encodeURIComponent((window!=top&&window.location.ancestorOrigins)?window.location.ancestorOrigins[window.location.ancestorOrigins.length-1]:document.location)+'" type="text/javascript"></scr'+'ipt>');
<!-- END AALBC.com CODE -->


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