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Help! This Website Redesign is Kicking my Butt


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I'm in the final throes of redesigning this website.  The last major task is changing the look and feel of the website. You may have noticed that about 18 months ago I changed the design of the site, introducing the orange background and optimizing the site for mobile.  But feedback from my students and others have given me reason to make additional modifications--including a major overhaul of the homepage and major section main pages, books, authors, reviews, etc.


At any rate, I've been playing around with different color schemes and designs.  I've changed my Blog to reflect an option I'm considering.  Please visit my Blog and let me know what you think of the revisions.  Post your replies here or email me at troy@aalbc.com




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@zaji thanks for asking.  I'm making some progress.  This past month has been very hectic.  I actually relocated to Florida this month.  I'd been living between NYC and FL for several years, but no longer have a residence in NYC. Hit me at troy@aalbc.com for the gory details...


Basically, the upgrades are progressing more slowly than I anticipated.  I'm getting close to a design I like.  I also decided to keep things really simple and work with a single template; (basically a pared down version of the Blog design: https://aalbc.com/template2018.php


I'd hoped to have this done before the spring semester started.. I guess I'll use this experience as a lesson for my students :-)

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