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  1. The New Religion

    Info on BC/AD BCE/CE. http://www.religioustolerance.org/ce_info.htm
  2. The New Religion

    I have always seen Buddhism as a way of life.
  3. The Science Delusion

    @Mel Hopkins, I agree 100%.
  4. The New Religion

    Good read! Thanks for sharing.
  5. The Science Delusion

    @Troy, I would need to go back and search TED's website where I found their commentary on it. When I have a moment, I will do so. Can't right now. In the middle of some things.
  6. The Science Delusion

    @Troy. Actually, it seemed he was merely repeating the title of the video itself (but much later). When I first saw the post, I watched the video immediately and saw the title where it said it was banned. At that point, he had made no comment on whether it was banned. He didn't need to. The title of the video itself said it all. So I went about looking it up to see if it was banned and found the information about it being taken down on TED's own website. I did that research on my own. AFTER I read the information on TED's website about them banning it (or as they put it, removal from the main area), I saw him begin noting that it was censorship. At least for me, he did not state it was censorship PRIOR to ME finding the information on my own on TED's website. Once again, I researched because of the title of the video, NOT because of anything @Delano wrote.
  7. The Science Delusion

    @Delano I went back to double check your original post (to make sure I didn't forget) and I see that you actually did not make the assertion that the video was banned. The video title made that assertion, which is why i went to research it on my own and had no need to challenge you or ask you to explain anything. Thanks again for sharing the video!!
  8. In your opinion, has science become a new religion? Why or why not?
  9. Bringing Fire...

    Nope, it is not possible. Which is why I stay open and latch on to nothing as the end of the conversation. Those first folks who learned how to fly had no initial proof that they could defy gravity, they couldn't verify the information beyond their own experiences. But they went forward and tried to find ways to defy it. This is how I see information I cannot verify. I don't take it as the end of the conversation just because I cannot verify it, nor do I dismiss it outright. I observe. I'm equally aware that I will die not knowing/understanding 99% of how this planet works, or seeing 99% of what exists on it. And that is fine and the lot of all humans on Earth. I move forward and stay open to the endless possibilities in this universe.
  10. The Science Delusion

    I was crowned Queen of Think-For-Self. LOL.
  11. The Science Delusion

    @Delano I hunted down the details and found them after I watched the video. I am all about verifying anything stated.
  12. Spells and other Sorcery

    I was in Florida. Came back to the Poconos in Oct 2017. As soon as this house sells, heading back to the Melbourne/Malabar area.
  13. i am not what you seek

    I am not what you see or seek in the mirror. I am me, living inside my skin, carrying blood and bone through time.
  14. Melanin and Money

    @Pioneer1 Yes. Everything must be from how WE operate. I think Belamy's work is great with some tweaks that inject black thought. Much of Socialism/Communism actually comes from Black systems of living if one looks at them closely. But bastardized. TERRIBLY bastardized by those who thought they could co-opt it without consequence. So I don't dismiss them. They simply don't think the way we do, so when they attempt to recreate our ways of living, communal ways, they have no idea how to execute it without injecting their greed, hierarchy, violence, etc., etc., etc. Even countries where it worked to a degree, Communism had already been grossly bastardized because those cultures were already decades bastardized. You are too right reference atheists. Where this proves true is in science. It expresses like a new religion. So far, much of what I've seen of science and its dogmas matches Christian principles and mindset. The process of coming to conclusions in science feels frighteningly religious when it comes to their conclusions about their observations. Indeed reference European ideas of Utopia. Yes. Without a change of mindset, nothing else can change.