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  1. I see being a part of the AmericaS and being AmericaN (U.S.A Citizen) as different. All those places can be a part of the AmericaS, in fact. But not be AmericaN. So it really depends on what is meant. Based on maps online, the attached is what is actually, in modern times, considered The Americas.
  2. What's your facebook link? You can private message me if you don't want all eyes to see it here. LOL. Would love to continue reading your words.
  3. Hey there! Partially I have been busy. But mostly staying low and watching words unfold. It's always interesting. I won't be able to make it to the Black Pack Party. How have you been?
  4. I am the same way. I typically try to merely express my opinion/views, not launch into outright disagreement, as though in a war. Additionally, if I have ever used that language (I disagree), it is not hard and fast disagreement. I am always open to discussing anything, regardless of my personal views. I know one fundamental thing, no human (including myself) knows everything. No human has a monopoly on truth. I try to carry a sense of humility around things/ideas/knowledge, as long as the thing isn't so overboard that it can do great harm. Then humility or not, I must do everything to stop the verbal harm being done. Generally, however, I will discourse to a point. If I see there is no balance, I stop talking.
  5. @Troy Good points. Wikipedia is always having some fundraiser, banner splashed across my screen taking up 3/4 of the page sometimes. Yet, if I were to add/update/edit using my knowledge and research time, I get nothing from it. Nothing. Just a pat on the back and a thank you for advancing humanity, as they enjoy yachts, planes and mansions. And the freedom to do for self. Maybe some of the in-house editors get paid, but not the majority of people who have built Wikipedia to what it is today, a resource that helps lead people, at times, to primary or secondary information. Wikipedia is mining our intellect for free.
  6. Anyone who is active in the arts community in New York knows Kojo.
  7. @Troy Oh my goodness!! LOOK AT US!! I spoke to Kojo only a few months ago. Never stayed in touch with Mosley. He probably doesn't even remember me. LOL. Wow. I can't believe I've known you that long. Amazing how time flies.
  8. Yeess!!! I also have information on my computer that I can no longer find ANYWHERE. It's frightening!
  9. @Mel Hopkins I have an account as well. LOL. But have never done a thing with it. I think my fear is it turning into some sort of Orwellian machine where they begin to change history/knowledge without people realizing it. Even primary sources can be rewritten, erased. Happens all the time. Look at history books? They are always trying to change history. Look at our ancient knowledge? Much of it, gone, erased.
  10. @Mel Hopkins. Yes Mel. I scroll straight down in Wikipedia to the sources and go through them before taking the final word of what is written. That is why although I don't care for it, it is an ok first step to help me on my journey to finding facts and primary sources of information. They usually provide the primary sources up front.
  11. @Troy. Let me add, a lot of companies have taken to adding Wikipedia to their resources. For example, Apple has it built into the Dictionary program a selection for Wikipedia. This way, if I search for a word, I can see the definition, synonym and any Wikipedia entries for that word. When I first saw this a few years ago, I felt it was an assault on my intelligence and intrusion. Still feel that way. I am allowed to "uncheck" the box for Wikipedia so the entries don't show when I do a word search, but they do not have an option for me to delete the mess. I would need to go in and find the folders with the raw file and get rid of it, if that is possible. I am forever tweaking my computer to block all sorts of things. I primarily use my Hosts file to block any websites I feel are intrusive. I tend to block a lot of ad sites via my Hosts files. While Safari and Firefox have plugins/extensions that can do this, I block some of them from my system level in the Hosts file. I also use a program that monitors outgoing/incoming connections. Nothing I don't want gets to phone home about my internet usage. I additionally use a VPN 99% of the day. Wikipedia has become intrusive on a whole other level. And the fact that Apple is endorsing this and allowing them to intrude on my Dictionary program is outrageous.
  12. @Troy, I'm fully aware of the slackness that Wikipedia is and don't fully trust them as far as I can throw them. But, it was late and I really didn't fell like spending my time hunting for the information through more reputable sources. So I gave the quick and dirty version from Wikipedia. But to be frank, I don't like them at all. Trust that. For me, they are a quick peek and then I go on to verify anything written there given that it is, in fact, only a community written/edited information center. Anyone can add to Wikipedia. Yes, they've taken to locking certain entries due to either abuse or inaccurate information being purposely or ignorantly added. But in general, they are not to be taken seriously when it comes to the majority of information. I tend to double check, triple check, anything I find on Wikipedia. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it. But I am not a Wikipedia groupie. Been hating on them for over a decade now.
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