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So What Should Obama Do Now?

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The first thing a defeated general does is repair his shattered formations and comfort and revivify his defeated troops.

When I see Obama overseas getting pimpslapped in Seoul I realize he ain't got a clue.

He needs to understand he don't get to go to these swell meetings unless he gets re elected and that he has a big problem with the electorate.

He has to understand that he has been defeated and now he is fighting for survival.

If the election were held today, he would lose.

He has t go to work on that.


He needs to give in all the way on extending the tax cuts, but cut the best bargain he can for them. Maybe extend them six months at a time while he is cutting a deal. Them Republicans are salivating for them tax cuts. He has to position it so it looks like it was his idea, all along.

He's got to wage a fighting retreat on the health care. They are going to pick it to pieces. He has to have his folks give where they would obviously lose, compromise where possible, and string it out as long as he can with hearings, campaigns, etc.

His biggest problem with that is that nobody really knows what is in it or what it does.

Brilliant idea to put something like this out there. Who did that? Rahm Emmanuel?

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