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Travis Smiley . Suing P B S..

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Travis Smiley Plans To Use PBS ,For Firing. Him Claiming  It ,Was Because Of Sexual Misconduct . Travis Smiley Says  He  ,,Was Fired Because Of Racism ,Not Sexual Misconduct. Sexual -Misconduct ,Assault Upon Women  In ,Hollywood,Politics,Sports ,Not Mentioned  Religion. . Black  And White Preachers Are In Prison. For Killing. Their  Wives. White People Have Conversations On The News  ,After The ,Massacre Of The Innocent  At The Florida  High School. Black -Males  Unarmed Shot Dead By. Racist White Police ,Getting Away With It Except In. South Carolina , That White Police Officer Was Found Guilty Of Murdering  Walter Scott.. In Florida George Zimmerman  Got Away With. Murdering Trayvon  Martin.  ..As Unarmed Black Males Are Being Hunted,And Shot Dead ,White Men Are Mass Shooting.,Murders. Do Not. See The Democrats White Or ,Black   Talking About Street Gang Violence ,Mass Murders,Of Innocent Black People ,Like They Are About ,Mass Murder,Of White People  By White Men. NAACP,Congressional Black -Caucus ,The Church . Silent....

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And what's even more amazing...it wasn't the WOMEN he slept with who were complaining but PBS just dug up this info and used it as an excuse to cancel his show anyway!

Good for Tavis.

I think more Black men should follow his lead because too many are being fired and even caught up in legal troubles for simply being heterosexual men and doing what heterosexual men do.
I can't count the number of times I've had to fight with companies to save younger brothers from getting fired for the simplest of excuses.

I know he didn't actually work FOR PBS but more WITH PBS, but still.....
If Black men owned more of the places they actually worked in, this wouldn't be an issue.
You could date and have sex with whoever you wanted without worrying about losing your job.

Now would that be a WISE thing to do?


I flirt hard and heavy with the women I work around but I've had a rule since 30 NOT to have sex with women I work with.....atleast not while I'm still working with them.
It's not wise to mix business with pleasure.

But men will be men and sometimes they make mistakes, but they shouldn't lose their ability to make a living over it.

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Tavis was one of the few who secured the "white co-sign" and all the success a financial rewards that come with it. 


What I'd like to know is why is he really getting fired. Has anyone stepped forward to accuse him publically?  this one  #metoo moment seems weird.


In any event, it will be very difficult to prove he was fired because of racism.  

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In any event, it will be very difficult to prove he was fired because of racism.

It's designed to be that way.

Racists have been very shrewed over the years in crafting legislation in a way that now employers can fire a person for almost any reason under the sun and have it hold up in court....AS LONG AS THEY DON'T STATE THE REASON.

Almost all states in the United States have become what is known as "right to work" states.

Meaning unless you're in a union, employers have a right to fire you for any reason or no reason at all.....we no legal recourse.

This has opened the door for racial discrimination and led to Black workers all across the nation being terminated by the thousands.

Aside from the racial aspect, there is also a CULTURAL aspect to Tavis's dismissal that I don't like.

It appears that whether it's PBS, Fox, ABC, or other networks....they have a problem with anything related to sex or sexual promiscuity and the image of it.
I still remember how they freaked out over Janet Jackson's nipple being seen during the Super Bowl, lol.

I mean, is there any logical reason why graphic violence is all over the major networks but nudity (even a bare butt) is STILL censored?

It seems as if there are forces in this nation hell bent on maintaining a "puritanical "standard with a strong "anti-sexuality" at the core of it's value system and demanding that everyone submit themselves to this value system.


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HBO is cable television.....you have to subscribe to it.

I'm talking about BROADCAST television that freely comes over the airwaves.
The stations that reach the vast majority of people in the United States.
NBC, ABC, CBS, ect....

On these television stations you still can't see nudity, certain cuss words are censored out, but you can witness all of the graphic violence you desire.


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@Pioneer1 HBO has 50 million subscribers! Most households don't consume TV via broadcast -- I can't tell you how many people I've spoken to that don;t even know you can watch TV with an antenna.


The majority of people who watch what you describe as "Broadcast" pay to watch it.  Sure the traditional network, NBC, ABC, etc have more viewers, but I would not discount the impact on 50 millions households -- why do you?

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I don't discount the impact a network has on 50 million households.

But when you compare it with networks that can be seen in 150 million households for free, clearly the broadcast networks have more influence and power.

It really disappoints me how so many Black radio and television shows started going ON-LINE back in the late 90s and on up to today.

Now they're owned by Youtube and other hosts and providers.
Where as when they had their own radio program they could pretty much say whatever they wanted as long as it didn't break community standards.
Now essentially Google, Youtube, and Amazon are telling them what they can and can't say and threatening to cut them off if they don't comply.

Black people should have kept THEIR OWN television and radio stations that we had in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and early 90s.

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No worries....lol....because now WHITE PEOPLE are begining to invest that same money back into Black neighborhoods themselves!

-in the form of GENTRIFICATION.

It's a damn shame that for decades you had thousands of  wealthy Black people who HAD the money to re-invest in the inner city neighborhoods but chose to run out to the suburbs and help build the economy of White communities, and now young adventurous wealthy White kids are taking up the initiative to venture into the hood and buy up property to renuvate and pump money into.

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