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The Tea®, A New Online Book Club Show Features Oprah’s First Book Club Pick of 2018, “An American Marriage” by Tayari Jones

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Nationwide — In selecting An American Marriage, Oprah said: “It’s the perfect book to read along with a friend or a family member… you’ll want to talk about it with somebody. It’s one of those books I could not put down!”


Every month, The Tea selects and spotlights a new book. For its February “Romance” theme, they chose An American Marriage. Tea co-host Janelle Clayton describes Tayari Jones’ fourth novel as “Juicy, full of heartache and relevant to our experience.”


The cast of The Tea are professional women who share their own stories, inspired by themes in the books they choose. They hope to grow a global Book Club by inviting viewers to join the online conversation and keep it going and growing.

Shows are posted every Thursday at 7pm on their Facebook page and YouTube channel at www.Facebook.com/JoinTheTea and www.youtube.com/JoinTheTea


The Tea’s Monthly Video Release Schedule

  • Week 1 – The Book Selection
  • Week 2 – Get2Know (the Authors)
  • Week 3 – The Book Discussion
  • Week 4 – Beyond the Book


In 2017, Burke and Kate Wood set out to create a book club show that would be entertaining and empowering, targeted to people who love books and talking about them. Troy Johnson of the AALBC assists with book selections, and much of the studio shooting is done at Harlem School of the Arts.


Kate Wood
Bcreative Digital Media
(609) 213-9072




I'm actually not a regular member of The Tea's cast, but I joined them as a guest for the American Marriage discussion which you may watch here.  I think what The Tea is doing with Black books is some of the best stuff out there.  If you agree subscribe to The Tea's youtube channel, while you are on YouTube subscribe to my channel too; I still push out  videos from time to time ;-)

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