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I'm Creating More Top 10 Book Lists -- Which list would you like to see?

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I've just created a page where I will compile lists of Top 10 Book Categories.  I'm really looking for overlooked, unusual, and creative categories for which to creates lists and the books to go with them.  


I put a started a category for "Black Girl Hair" and "Steampunk," but am looking for many more along with titles to go with them.  I have not shared this project with anyone yet, hopefully some of you out there who read these forums but don't contribute will be moved to share some ideas.


Really trying to raise awareness of breather of out literature beyond the regular run of the mill categories.  I'll happily include those but I want to make it much broader.


Top 10 Black Girl Hair Books



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I decided to use the industry standard BISAC codes to compile my Top Lists across various categories.  This will allow me to programmatically compile a very large number of lists on a variety of topic lists of books.  As books win awards, obtain critical acclaim, make AALBC's best sellers lists, I'll compile this data and more into a dynamically generated and unbiased "Top Ten List."  Basically I'll be parsing my list of Most Critically Acclaimed Books by their respective BISAC categories.

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