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Larry Lee, President of The Sacramento Observer

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Mine was "Journalist Public Communications Corner." Abolition News was meant to be a subordinate. when I started coding, development design for the site CSS HTML, I screwed-up a code on line 119000000 and gave-up when I realized it was a line in the module I incorporated; by that time, they were announcing development of the new HTML5 for more reliable security.  


That's when I shelved everything. Not given-up, just decided to get these damn literary fiction books (3) published first to announce promotion of my main non-fiction piece. I have several Black writers and an editor/administrative assistant who are quite enthusiastic about the project. 


For the life me, however, I can't get my arms around positive news reporting without this infallible sense of pessimism that keep ringing out, why? What good will reporting information on Black affairs do when everything Blacks do, and everything done to us is not in reality new news, at all. Hence, I'm still working out the kinks in my motivation for continuing.

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