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Today I visited Trump's Twitter Page for the 1st Time

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I have never visited 45's Twitter page before 2 minutes ago.  There was not need to mainstream and social media shovel 45's tweets as if the were in a race to be the first to share his BS.  7 minutes ago 45 tweeted the following:



I was on the New York Times website, while reading a completely unrelated article about the Supreme Court's decision which changes the rules of the collection of sales tax by online retailers.  Inside the article the Times included a tweet by Trump applauding the decision (which tells me this must be a bad decision for business like mine).  This is what prompted me to visit 45's page


45 has over 53 million followers (there are only 68 million active users in the US).  18 people I know also follow 45.  I'm seriously considering unfollowing those people 🙂  45 only follows 47 people.  Other than VP Mike Pence and his family most of the others are right wing talking heads, not journalists, but talk show hosts like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. 


This makes for the perfect filter bubble -- every tweet gets global attention, the large number of followers reinforce his popularity and the fact people want to read what he writes, and the people he follow are popular sycophants. 


The man has tweeted over 38 thousands times that is ALOT of tweets!  I've tweeted 17 thousand tie, but the vast majority of those tweets were generated by bots.


Let be go unfollow those 18 people....

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@Delano Perhaps, but they have no souls, but Twitter just did a massive clean up so I presume a majority of them are real.  Even if it were half and only half of these supported what 45 tweets that is still a hell of a lot more people.


The Wall Street Journal reports that 45's approval rating is current at 45%.  45% -- and those are all real people!  Obama had an approval rating as low as 38%.


Surely you understand 45 has a tremendous amount of support -- despite what you or I think.  That support matters.

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You can buy likes and shares and and thing else you need on Facebook.  My understanding is that this are done by a combination of bots and humans.  


In facts many of the likes we get on social media are done by bots, so that when likes are are done for payment it is harder to detect.


Regarding 45, perhaps.

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After reading what you all have said, it now makes more and more sense why Twitter HAS NOT banned racist right wingers like Alex Jones despite his clearly racist activity.

I don't believe Trump's approval rating is at 45% any more than I believe the economy is "improving".
I think BOTH of these concepts constantly promoted in the media lately are lies and this is one of the reasons I've argued on here that we shouldn't put too much emphasis on "stats" and other figures and numbers that you snatch off of some site or out of some book as if it's the absolute truth.

These numbers and figures people keep quoting is 2nd hand information at best and probably 20th or 30th hand information that has been passed down and bounced around in various circles but probably started off as a lie.
AfroAmericans need to get into a habit of attaining DIRECT knowledge that has been verified either by themselves or someone known to be trustworthy AND simple don't accept information that hasn't been.

For example.....

If someone comes to you and says Black males are responsible for 55% of the homicides in America and quote FBI statisics....simply don't accept it.
You don't have to call it a lie (because we don't know it's false either)...simply don't accept it and TELL people:
"Until I or someone I trust can verify this I will refuse to accept or reject it"

....and move on.

But many of our people don't want to do this because they don't want to look stupid or silly infront of White people for rejecting their information.

My overall point is we as a people should stop being so lazy and accepting so much information that does't come from us and start seeking the TRUTH for ourselves.

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We have to rely to journalist to supply the information because we can not collect it ourselves in most cases.  But if you listen carefully you can sometimes figure out if something makes sense.  The unemployment numbers you hear touted all the time simply do not reflect "true" unemployment, simply because of the rules they use to count "employed" people ignored the chronically unemployed.  The government tells us how they count the "unemployed" but the regular news readers never explain this, usually some activist gives you the real figures.


@Pioneer1, if we supported our own news platforms we might be able to fund the journalists needed to collect the truth need for our empowerment.  But we don't, so we rely on corporate run social media for our news.




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Is it that we CAN'T collect it ourselves?
Or are we too LAZY or have OTHER PRIORITIES that prevent us from actually gathering the unfiltered facts for ourselves instead of relying faithfully on information White people (or those trained, hired, and controled by White people) give us?

It's good that we can read between the lines and call bullshit when we hear/see it, but is that enough?

Just like a person who's being slowly poisoned and sickened must first stop taking the poison...but don't stop there....they must now take in the proper nutrients to heal themselves-

Now that we realize that we are being lied to and can't trust many of the sources we're getting our information from; the next step is to actually GATHER THE TRUTH about what's going on in the world.

I believe like you said that we should have our own news platforms, but the journalists, editors, and news achnors who gather and present us with the news can't be educated through the conventional ways of typical Western journalism.

We need to train and educated our professionals OUR way.

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Man the unbridled pursuit of money corrupts everything, and it is the way our system is designed to function, so it is fatally flawed.


We would have to create our own entities funding them is the challenge however...  [subscribe to Ebony]







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Different people have different views about what exactly constitutes "corruption".

I was having a conversation with a White man....who considered himself quite liberal and progressive.....a few weeks ago that almost turned into an argument.

He considered himself a Democratic Socialist, supported Bernie Sanders, and also supports that yount Latina woman in New York who is also a Democratic Socialist.

He is of the belief that greed is one of the biggest sins and it's at the root of capitalism and he believed that all money and greed factors need to be removed from politics period.

I happened to see greed....like lust....as MORALLY NEUTRAL and he not only disagreed but refused to even entertain the thought of it being so.

But I see GREED and the strong desire to attain and save up money as just another emotion like happines, ecstacy, fear, ect.....and it can be used for good or bad.

Greed actually can be a powerful motivator to get one out of poverty or raise one from an dependent state to an independent state.

My point is, we must first come to a consensus on what IS corruptions before we start going after what we consider to be corrupt.

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