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RUDDY COLORED: Altering Script in the Face of Science

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RUDDY COLORED: Altering Script in the Face of Science


Ruddy- Often described as a “healthy red,” more brownish.

Example: Ruddy Shelduck, Ruddy Turnstone



This is one of many words that have been altered within the translations of ancient script so as to extract the AFRICAN presence in the ancient scripts. The science of 'color' is, I believe, a vital subject to understand with regards to how it has been used for and against humanity. But this is also a broad subject, therefore, I hope to add to it by and by. Since this term, ruddy,  has recently been used in a reference source, I will start here. But though, I actually would like to provide more information about the word 'BLACK' as a start point due to what I have come across with regards to 'Culture and 'Race' and economy' with respects to this very forum. Based on what I have come across, I feel that it becomes a challenge to understand anything with regards to the global issues about 'COLORISM' when debating with 'Black' African American DOS [Descendants of Slaves] because most do not believe that 'BLACK' is really a color and they don't believe that there is such a thing as 'BLACK PEOPLE'. Even in the face of ancient scripts in which it has beed documented byway of 'Black people' that they were actually 'BLACK SKINNED', most African American DOS do NOT believe this. At any rate: here are some references on the subject of the word 'RUDDY':



Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Bird Color Conundrum – Red, Brown, and Everything In Between

It seems like everywhere we turn, a reddish-brownish bird is there looking back at us.

Birds with this relatively drab coloration are in no short supply, and scientists have

concocted a somewhat ridiculous list of colors to describe these earth-tones….




Ruddy Turnstone-Sunset Beach NC.



Buff-breasted Sandpiper - Washington Co. NC


This links offers a much detailed breakdown on the other shades of 'BROWNISH-RED' in terms of Birds. ... cont.



RUDDY COLORED: Altering Script in the Face of Science


This link gives a detailed breakdown on the many shades of 'BROWN'! And although I did not include all of the examples of the types of birds that represents the colors defined, this would be a good reference because it is scienced-based research. This site, like so many others, show that the term 'RUDDY' as been altered. Ruddy does NOT simply mean 'red' or 'BLOOD RED' but it specifically means 'BROWNISH-RED'. It does not even define , 'reddish-brown' but, actually, 'BROWNISH-RED'. This term though, has more deeper roots in the definition of just what the color 'BROWN' defines.  


Chestnut- A deep, deep brown. Rich, smooth, chestnut...

Bay- The color used to describe a brown horse; so it's brown.  But a reddish brown, closely allied with chestnut….

Tawny- An odd mixture of brown, tan, and orange.  Sounds like a good name for a cat.

Example: Tawny-throated Leaftosser, Tawny Owl

Fulvous- Reddish-yellowish-brownish.  The full spectrum of reds and browns, mashed into one über-color….

Rufous- Yet another reddish-brown.  There are over 160 bird species with Rufous in their name….

Rufescent-  …

Bronzed/Bronzy- Resembling the metal Bronze, golden-brown.

Example:  Bronzed Cowbird, Bronzy Hermit
Brassy-  …

Russet- Potato brown, but more of a purplish-brown, maybe like those purple potatoes...
Hepatic- Literally means "pertaining to the liver", so it's liver-colored - a deep, slightly brownish, red.  This may be the only useful thing I learned in Anatomy this year….

Coppery- Like the metal Copper, brownish-reddish-gold.  But not quite the color of Copper, so they added that -y on the end.

Example: Coppery-headed Emerald…



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