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Diwali Religious Festival; A NATIONAL HOLIDAY In AMERICA —The White House

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Diwali Religious Festival; A NATIONAL HOLIDAY In AMERICA —The White House


So much for Separation of Church & State! This OCTOBER FESTIVAL of Lights of the Hindus from India has become an official holiday here in America in which in some areas, schools are closed down for the celebration days. It was first honored by President Bush in 2003 but in 2007 by way of President Obama, it became an official holiday in America and celebrated in the White House. And in the past years, several past presidents attended the festivities held in the White House along with former president Barack Obama.


It was said that this Diwali Festival originated as a Hindu festival as it was recorded in their scripts and that it originally was observed in the most holiest of months KARTIK 15th [ie. OCTOBER 15]. However, based on my research this information would be absolutely not true at all! Also, because today, this festival has been said to be based upon a LUNAR CALENDAR, the dates vary. Last year, around the week of OCTOBER 15, I remember seeing orange lights strung along the balconies and doors of some homes in an apartment community and realized that this was because of the Diwali festival. The festival last for five (5) days and it would be the third (3rd) that would the most important day, therefore, this would be the day reported as the time of the festival. So this year, November 7, 2018 would be the date of the festival.


Although this incredible day, OCTOBER 15, would pretty much be unheard of in the Black Church, this would be the actual day that Jesus Christ was Crucified. And, the third day, HE AROSE. So OCTOBER 17 would be the actual day of THE FIRST RESURRECTION, even though, it has been celebrated here in America during Spring Break at a time when Easter is celebrated.




The Diwali festival is likely a fusion of harvest festivals in ancient India. [40] It is mentioned in Sanskrit

texts such as the Padma Purana, the Skanda Purana both of which were completed in

the second half of the 1st millennium CE. …



*My Note: the 2nd half of the 1st millennium CE = AD 500s, that would be about 500 years after the

Roman Empire set up and after the Crucifixion of Jesus!!!


Diwali, Lakshmi Puja (Day 3) …

The third day is the height of the festival, [109] and coincides with the last day of the dark fortnight of the

unar month. This is the day when Hindu, Jain and Sikh temples and homes are aglow with lights,

thereby making it the [“] festival of lights. [”] [110]


 Politics [edit]

Diwali was first celebrated in the White House by George W. Bush in 2003 and was given official status by

the United States Congress in 2007. [155][156] Barack Obama became the first president to personally attend

Diwali at the White House in 2009. …



When is Diwali?

As per India’s official holiday calendar, Diwali in 2017 will be on October 19, coinciding

with the 15th day of Kartik, the holiest month in the Hindu lunar calendar. ,,,















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