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Pope Annalisa is making its National Premier in New York City!!


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CONTACT: Sherri Rosen 212-222-1183

E-mail: sherri@sherrirosen.com, www.sherrirosen.com

454 Manhattan Ave., Suite 3J, NYC 10026

Headline: February, 20l0, New York, New York


Pope Annalisa is making its National Premier in New York City!!

Author, Peter Canova, chooses New York City as the place to debut his new thriller Pope Annalisa - Book One of the First Souls Trilogy.

This page-turning novel of action and intrigue reveals real, monumental mysteries of history that lie at the very foundation of our Western world..

  1. How could an African nun become the first female pope and why did demonic-looking figures start appearing in the Vatican after her arrival?
  2. Is Annalisa, the first female pope, restoring a lost feminine legacy of the Church or is she using her disarming femininity to restore a dreaded heresy?
  3. Who are the four people racing against time to learn the secret Annalisa harbors that will touch on the very origin and destiny of humanity?
  4. What was the secret oral teaching of Jesus, a teaching so personally transformative that it was suppressed and nearly destroyed by the early Church?


As the world nears a nuclear holocaust, as sinister hidden forces from within her own church and terrorism from without rear their heads, one thing becomes clearPope Annalisa is at the very center of all the deadly plots within plots in a world where nothing is what it seems.

Margot Arnold, author of The Penny Spring and Sir Toby Glendower series, says A riveting novel about a troubled world full of intrigues and deadly plots, miracles, murders, and world-changing power struggles

From the time Peter Canova first experienced phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing, intuitive medical readings, and psychic healing, he has spent much of his life seeking to understand the forces that link humanity together at an unseen level.

His former businesses hotel development, shipping, and import/exporting carried him around the world, where he met a variety of spiritual figures, each of whom appeared in his life unsolicited and confirmed his conviction that spirit transcends the religious beliefs that tend to divide people.

In Pope Annalisa, he explores an ancient spiritual tradition which cut across not only Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, but also the so-called pagan mystery schools of ancient days. (www.PopeAnnalisa.com).

The book is thrilling, the author is exciting, and the entire series will be made into a film.


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