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White people in Mississippi discuss Racism

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That woman featured in the photo at the top of the article showing half of her ass with her legs crossed does NOT look White to me.
Or atleast she doesn't look "all White".

Mississippi is about HALF AfroAmerican.
If racial discrimination of AfroAmericans in a state where they make up half the population is still an issue then that would say more about THEM...and how stupid and cowardly so many of them are...than it does about how racist the state is.

These AfroAmericans aren't squirrels or cows being discriminated against, they are human beings with brains.
If they make up nearly a majority of the population and STILL are allow themselves to be mistreated, what more can be said of them?

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@Pioneer1 in terms of the "race" mixing in MS absolutely.


Also African Americans holds a STRONG majority in Jackson  something like 80% of the people in Jackson are Black.  Only Detroit has a higher percentage.  On a recent visit I was struck how few Black peopled attended the Jackson Book Festival


@Delano No revelations in that article it was mostly white folks reporting on white folks talking about Black people. 

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