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Video: Bestselling Author Tarkisha Wallace's Book, Little Girl Arise

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Tarkisha's book is indeed the #1 bestselling book on AALBC making the September/October - 2018 list


What is striking, to me about this video, produced by the author, is that she, (1) recognizes the accomplishment of making AALBC's bestsellers list and (2) tells readers that they can buy her book from AALBC.  An author doing both — even an AALBC bestselling author — unsolicited is not common (sad but true).


I'm confident this is a trend that will continue as more authors, especially the indie authors expand their promotional efforts beyond social media — it is win-win.  Indie authors need booksellers who promote and sell their work and booksellers need indie authors to support us.  


There is no need to send readers to Amazon (everyone already knows you can buy books there). It is a beautiful thing when authors show some love for their most ardent supporters indie booksellers 🙂


Thanks Tarkisha!




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