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Lastly this. Here is scientific proof that supports unequivocally that we, the so-called black man and black woman in Amerikkka, are the folks in the Bible. So far, nothing has been able to refute DNA. It is universally accepted that DNA proof is ironclad. DNA markers are accurate when they pinpoint West Africa as the place of residence for most of us who are presently here in this country because it is true enough that we did emerge out of the West Coast of Africa, but that is not where we were from. Israel is our ancestral homeland.

Luckily for us, a science called haplotype picks up where DNA leaves off.  Accordingly, the E1b1A haplogroup is known to be most common in West Africa, the place we were kidnapped from. So what? We already knew that we came from West Africa, but what we didn’t know is that this exact same haplotype is traced back to Abraham, the patriarch of The Bible. Simply put, our biblical as well as our genealogical roots are directly connected with the bloodline of those people in The Bible. Told you. Those were our folks. We are indeed the seed of Abraham.

The same test when applied to the so-called Jews now in Israel showed conclusively that they are, in no way, of the biblical bloodline of the ancient people of Israel. They are imposters. They are Khazarans and Ashkenazis. Maybe that has been the reason why, under their law, lineage is traced through the mother which is contrary to natural law because lineage is typically always determined via the bloodline of the father. Now, the cat is out of the bag. Somebody been playing us!

Brothers and sisters, WAKE UP!  We gotta REPENT. All this stuff is well-known. I have even seen videos online of TD Jakes admitting that we are who we are. Also saw Farrakhan do the same. WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL! There are white scholars online that will point out that we are ‘Dem People’. Everyone knows who we are, except us.

Any reasonable black person, has, at some time or another, probably shook their heads, wondering in astonishment at the condition of black people. How can this be? What is wrong with us?  It just doesn’t seem real for a people to suffer so much, and to always be on the bottom. Has it ever felt like what has happened to us and is still happening to us is unreal? Well, you now know why. It is from God. I mean, there is no way that our predicament could have just accidentally happened because it just defies reason that a people could be so maligned, so universally despised. And why has nothing worked to relieve our conditions? Ain’t nuthn’ nobody can do. We stuck. God put this on us and only God can set us free, but here’s the end game.  WAKE UP!

O Tribe of Judah, God has said that He is waiting for us to return to Him. God has said that He has loved us like a man loves his wife. I cannot stress this enough. God is our God, and He does not offer this type of props to any other people. He calls Himself The God of Israel. Our God! Dig this. God has set up apart to such a degree that we are Hebrews and that everyone else on the planet, Africans included, are gentiles. Do you understand the import of that? It is us against the world. We are so special that God made us His possession solely. We Special. There is us-----and then there is the rest of the world.

Please allow me to throw some more stuff at you, okay? Who are those people in Israel who have stolen our identity? They are Khazars and a long time ago, they lived in a place called Turkistan in the northern Caucasus, and they were getting squeezed by the Muslims on one side, and Christians on the right. They were in a position where they either had to choose to become Muslim or Christian. Being smart, they opted to convert to Judaism. As part of the conspiracy to be us, the Khazars were the principals in the slave trade. Why? To be us, they had to get rid of us so they partnered with the sons of Ham, the Africans, to get shed of us.  The plan, apparently, was a good one, wouldn’t you agree? But dig this. In 1948, when the fake jews moved into Israel, Gamal Abdul Nasser, President of Egypt, was asked about this so-called return of the jews to Israel, he declared in a Time magazine article that those jews would never be accepted because “they left black and came back white.” He knew that those people were imposters and were, in no way, the real Children of Israel.

Should it make you upset that another group of people have been masquerading as you, reaping all the benefits and rewards that belong to you? Look at how Trump and all the other world leaders fawn over Israel, giving the country millions of dollars when anyone over there gets a cold, and we can’t get one red cent over here to saves our lives.

The world hates us, Israel. It’s us against them. But did you know that, at one time, we were the most feared people on the face of the planet. In our glory days, we called the shots. Couldn’t nobody hang with us. Wow….this is so beautiful. When God parted the Red Sea for us, the rest of the world at that time heard of this, and it shook them to their core. They were absolutely afraid of The Children of Israel who had a God that powerful. You see, back then, everything that happened to or for a people,  was due to the gods they worshipped. Then, men did nothing without reliance on their god, but this God of Israel was something they were not prepared for. The world heard and they attributed all the things we were doing to the Might of our God, which was true. They had their gods. We had God! In The Bible, it is said that men fainted with fear because of us.

Can you imagine the terror that gripped everyone in the then known world when it was broadcast that we have destroyed Jericho, simply by marching around the city seven times until the walls of the city imploded. Darned walls just collapsed! Man, the world was horrified. Nothing in recorded history had ever happened like this. Surely, Israel had a most powerful God. People didn’t want to tangle with us, so they just surrendered. They knew they couldn’t whup us. And God took a special delight in showing us, as well as the rest of the world, that He was like that. I remember one incident in particular where God wanted to make a point. This is all in The Bible, our historical record. Has anyone ever heard of The Apocrypha? What about The Book of Jasher? Oh, no wonder you don’t know this stuff. Anyway, we had to tussle with an enemy who had about 30, 000 men ready to wage war against us. We had about 30, 000 warriors to, but our God spoke through a prophet to tell us that He was going to show those other folks something.  So God sent us out to war with only a small force. We were outnumbered about ten to one, but we whupped ‘em! I’m telling you, the world feared Judah.

Throughout the Bible, nations of the world have brazenly conspired against us to “cause us to be in remembrance no more”. The world has always sought to destroy us. They did it then, and they are still attempting to erase us off the face of the earth simply because our God is God.

Hopefully, you will WAKE UP and join THE GREAT AWAKENING!!!!


O God, Hear the cry of Your People Israel

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Hey @Gibran why should we care about this? Would this matter to anyone who does not care about Abraham? Do you have to believe on the Abrahamic religions to care?

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@Gibran As a Biology major and one who had done research in this area, I need to add to this but first let me say,


WAY TO GO!!! Now that is bringing the scientific proof! 


 Accordingly, the E1b1A haplogroup is known to be most common

in West Africa, the place we were kidnapped from.


However, that is not exactly what the scientist are saying about this specific haplogroup, however, they say, I think it is most seen in the Sans Bushmen and I think the pygmies too. And I have done some research on the San Bushmen. But again, you need to research the HORN OF AFRICA because this group is also said to be of the:


E1B1 HAPLOGROUPING, more specifically, the E1B1B grouping.


But the scientist will NOT say that these groupings, E1B1A or E1B1B stems from Abraham, at least, that i have come across yet. However, I do know that they have presented alot of confusing statements too about this DNA study.

It is truth though, that [1] the DNA STUDAY and the Y-DNA Haplgroups are unrefutable and [2] they present the mtDNA studies of women to try to steer away from the more stable Y-DNA proof.  In fact, they try to determine some conclusion based on mtDNA regarding male haplogroups. 

I hope to share some of my research too, on this deliberate mis-interpretation.


However, @Gibran again, if, as you say, the Hebrews look like AFricans and hid in AFrica, then it is because they are intermixed. The ancient prophets hwo intermixed with HAMITIC women in AFRICA, the MOTHERLAND, would not be deemed as wrong because that is what they were supposed to do when it came to SOME HAMITIC people. Abram became ABRA-HAM... because he was part HAMITIC. That is their MATERNAL ORIGINS--CHAM. 


THE RAM was the supreme idol of ancient Kemet/Africa and therefore, perhaps, Abram's name was changed to AbraHam due to idol worship not being deemed appropriate?


So, as far as West AFrica, yes, I agree the Hebrews or Original Semites would be scattered all throughout and some stayed intact, but you are saying that the Hebrews look like Africans, and God accepted some of the Hamites. 


Didn't the Lord deem the CHALDEANS, of CUSH HAM as being the best empire in the world? in the Book of Daniel, they are said to have organized 



The Hamites are the best. The Hebrews are the priesthood and they supported a lot of those Hamites, but Cush Ham and etc. are the best of the best, IMO. 


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There is a new vid by The hebrew Israelite Online Institute about how recently DNA23 and me has made it more difficult. Well, I will find link but here is something. Yes, the Hebrews did intermarry with others but we looked like them long before any contact. We were both dark-skinned, so we looked like them. Joseph looked like them long before the Hebrews even came into prolonged contact with the Egyptians to even intermarry. Same with Moses, we have always looked alike and it has nothing to do with marriage. We looked alike because we were both both dark. Tit.he below is from Dr. Ephraim,  I will find the video and post it

Ethiopians Are Not Hebrew Israelites By Blood i.e. Seeds of Jacob....They Are Converts From The Bloodline Of HAM by way of CUSH...

And they need to stop LYING to the world as well. They are no different than those converted Khazarian and Ashkenazi so-called "Jews" that occupy The Land of Israel today. Ethiopians are CUSHITES from the bloodline of HAM, This is a GENETIC FACT. It's one thing for them to humble themselves and SOJOURN with The True Children of Israel, But these people have been lying ans masquerading around as "God's Chosen People" the same as those other false Jews.

King Shalmaneser replaced The 10 Tribes of Israel in Samaria with The Ethiopians, and why Yeshu'a HaMashiac instructed his Disciples not to go anywhere near The Samaritans/Ethiopians:

Matthew 10:5

"......and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not"

And that's exactly why Christ put the Samaritan/Ethiopian woman in check at the well when she tried to tell Him the Lie that the land she dwelled belonged to her forefathers, Christ put a halt to that immediately when she said:

John 4:20-22

20 Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship.

21 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father.

22 Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for SALVATION IS OF THE JEWS.

In other words, the TRUE JEWS, Not you and your impostor Ethiopian brethren, occupying their land and PRETENDING to BE them! In lay terms, you don't know what you're talking about.

Ethiopians have told many, many LIES on THE MOST HIGH and HIS True Chosen Nation, You think HE doesn't know who they REALLY are and what they've done? That's why He said:

Zephaniah 2:12

12 Ye Ethiopians also, ye shall be slain by my sword.

And ain't nothing left to talk about, that says it ALL, so yall better get ready too! REPENT for all of your transgressions against THE MOST HIGH and His people or be destroyed! Your choice....

The Biggest LIE of all The Ethiopians have perpetuated is Solomon having a bastard child with "Queen of Sheba" named Menelik, LIE, LIE, LIE!!! This also has genetically been proven FALSE, and they've been living off this LIE since forever. Don't believe these Liars my people, if Solomon had a male child with this woman, the child's Genealogy would HAVE to be included in Torah because that speaks directly to the King/Priestly Line of David, Who do these people really think they're playing with???! Like seriously? I swear, and they got our Jamaican brothers and sisters fooled, hook, line and sinker with this MADNESS!! smh

Tangent is over my people, I've provided DNA Data, and identify the Nations that came out of Ham (by so-called Race) and Their Haplotype is E1B1B1, But again, these LIARS have the world thinking and believing that E1B1B1 Is "Jewish" when CLEARLY that Haplotype is HAMITIC and belongs to the descendants of HAM...Negroes are E1B1A and the only TRUE seed of Jacob walking around in the earth today,Negroes we are NOT from the same Nation/Bloodline of Egyptians, Nubians, Cushites, Ethiopians or Africans, don't let anybody pedal those LIES to you, DNA DESTROYS IT! Please LIKE AND SHARE!!! #DrEphraimIsTheTruth #TheyGonnaGetThisWork #LiftUpYourSkirt #Exposed #Indisputable #Irrefutable #RightAndExact #YouJustGonnaHaveToBeMad #LOL

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@Gibran Okay, I will read your link on Ephraim.

I understand what you say about the Ethiopians being distinct CUSH HAM and that the HEbrews looked link them early in time. But,


[1] Moses' wife was an Ethiopian

[2] the Book of Daniel praises the CUSH HAMITES for constructing a Golden Empire

[3] AbraHam's maternal origins is CUSH HAM


[4] the Bible clearly states that God blessed the Hebrews to intermarry with the Egyptians after the 3/4th generations after the Exodus and,

[5] the Bible clearly states that one of Solomon's wives was 'an Egyptian daughter of the pharaoh' of which he built her a house.


The Hebrew Israelites intermixed with the Hamites. 

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@Troy The Bible definitely contains historical content but it is also definitely not chronological in how certain historical event have happened. The Bible is a compilation of many books most of which have been written by many different people over a timespan of thousands and thousands of years. 


In some of these books, the authors, mostly men, have also recorded their visions or wrote about something that they have witnessed or also, included published statements of others during their lifetime or etc. And, Song; like the Song of Solomon, the Bible contains differnt kinds of published works that are booked. The Songs of Solomon is a book that actually is written as a song equipped with 'verses' that contain important aspects of history too. 


As far as the 'faithful' aspect, when it comes to 'true events' that have come to past, that needs to be confirmed, NOT accepted on faith, IMO. 

As far as things that are prophesized about the future, then, this would be something of faith.

As far as other aspects that I don't understand either, as for me, there is so much that I do understand and have confirmed, that this causes me to give the Bible contents credit, and I hope to understand more. 


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@Chevdove, I heard Tom Hartman (a progressive radio talk show host) say that our VP Pence is not concerned about man-made climate change he believes the rapture will occur before it becomes a serious problem.


I don't know if that is true, but I do know there are many people who believe the end times are nigh. What do y'all believe?

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@Troy Pence said that!? WOW! 


You know, I believe that many people think of 'end times' as being one of these last generations, but IMO, this concept of END TIMES began a long, long, long time ago!

But, yes, I think there are certain ways the earth is changing but, I just don't know ...



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