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AALBC's First Newsletter of 2019 – Great Books and More

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Normally I archive my newsletters on my blog.  But WordPress has updated their editor, making it harder to copy and paste information from other sources.  I guess they are trying to make their software easier to use.  I discovered the change to their editor while helping a client create a blog and I struggled to use the software and editor, for the first time since it was invented!  I guess they call that progress.


At any rate, I make the AALBC newsletter available on the website to allow people who don't subscribe to the newsletter to discover and read it.  Ultimately I have to move my Blog from WordPress' database to my own to make the archival process more efficient.  I hope you discover your next great read!




Dear Reader,


Happy New Year! 2018 was great a year for AALBC here is sample of what we’ve done:


Showed visitors a record number of pages
Quadrupled the number of authors profiled
Added great new features like giving readers the ability to search for books by over 1,500 categories

However, 2018 was not a year without challenges: Amazon is effectively a monopoly for the online sales of books; Google exerts near monopolistic control over the discoverability of websites; and social media, despite concerns over privacy and visitor manipulation, is increasingly becoming the only websites people visit — essentially becoming the WWW for many.


Independent websites like AALBC can only thrive with your patronage and support. When you discover something of value on AALBC please be sure to share the information with others. If you value what we do, please purchase your subscription to AALBC's eNewsletter. If you have already paid for an annual subscription, thank you on behalf of AALBC and the writers whose work you support.


Peace and Love, 
Troy Johnson 
Founder & Webmaster, AALBC.com





Fiction: The epic fantasy novel, The Wolf Queen by Cerece Rennie Murphy has been the bestselling fiction title on AALBC for the past 4 months.


Nonfiction: Tarkisha M. Wallace’s two-time #1 AALBC bestseller, Little Girl Arise, tells how she, after tragically losing her baby, realizes her true purpose.


Children’s: Discovering Wes Moore is a young adult adaptation of the story of two fatherless boys from Baltimore, both named Wes Moore. One is in prison, serving a life sentence for murder. The other is a Rhodes Scholar and bestselling author.


Poetry: One book made our poetry list this period, and it is enough, Furious Flower: African-American Poetry from the Black Arts Movement to the Present edited by Joanne V. Gabbin. This important volume covers the Furious Flower Conference of 1994 which was the largest gathering of African American writers in nearly thirty years. The book also contains performance photographs by C. B. Claiborne.


Also check out all 127 bestselling books for 2018.


ASCLEPIUS by Christopher M. Rutledge

“Someone is killing all of the doctors opposed to the monopoly of the big drug companies. Those committed to the world of alternative medicine become aware of the ugly fact at the 10th annual health symposium of doctors and researchers chaired by Dr. Geoffrey Chance Du Bois in Atlanta. A shocking question about the recent deaths and disappearances of alternative medicine doctors rocks the building and everyone wonders who will be next.” 


The Power of Presence by Joy Thomas Moore

“[Joy Thomas] Moore’s training unapologetically necessitates a need for introspection; good parents (both men and women) must work on their thinking: past mistakes must be identified as errors, toxic non-helpful relationships should be identified and avoided, a child’s need surpasses a parent’s discomfort — mental and or physical, financial choices should be studied and reviewed with an eye on the child's future. Moore’s training is not meant to coddle but to instruct. She uses her past life to exemplify these training points; this usage causes the training to take on a humble voice that instructs without judgment.” Moore is the mother of Wes Moore, author of the bestselling book The Other Wes Moore. 


The Power of Presence is AALBC’s online book club’s January selection. We are planning a live chat with the author on January 17th at 8 p.m.


Becoming by Michelle Obama

“Being a Black woman in America right now comes with a great deal of scrutiny. We are praised for our diversity, yet simultaneously cast aside for our uniqueness. While this is a heavy load to bear, being the first African American First Lady of the United States of America is exponentially more difficult. In her recently released memoir, Becoming, Michelle Obama bares it all for readers, unleashing some of her most intimate thoughts and feelings.” 


The Zion & Zara Stories: The Big Bike Raceby Tenesha Jarvis, Illustrated by Gabriel Curley

“Good children’s books are hard to come by. Many of them lack morals for children to learn from or educational content to grow their minds. Often, the books we consider to be classic in this genre are those that offer something to challenge our children’s thinking, ethics and integrity.


First time author, Tenesha Jarvis, epitomizes what a good children’s book should be in her recently published book, Zion & Zara Stories: The Big Bike Race. We are introduced to ten-year-old twins, Zion and Zara, who are excited to embark on the first day of summer break. As we journey with them in preparation for Zion’s participation in a race, the bond that they share as brother and sister is evident.” 

AALBC Highly Recommends


Raisins in Milk and The Summer of my Fifteenth Year

Publisher Special: Get two bestselling books for one great price, $15 with Free Shipping! (sales tax collected in CA only).


Both books are excellent reads and AALBC bestsellers! Blue Nile Press has given AALBC a great opportunity to sell these two popular titles for the price of just one book! This deal is not available anywhere else — not even Amazon! You WILL enjoy both books, The Summer of my Fifteenth Yearby Geri Spencer Hunter (read more) and Raisins in Milk by David Covin (read more).


Trailblazer: A Pioneering Journalist’s Fight to Make the Media Look More Like America by Dorothy Butler Gilliam

Dorothy Butler Gilliam, whose 50-year-career as a journalist put her in the forefront of the fight for social justice, offers a comprehensive view of racial relations and the media in the U.S.


Most civil rights victories are achieved behind the scenes, and this riveting, beautifully written memoir by a “Black first” looks back with searing insight on the decades of struggle, friendship, courage, humor and savvy that secured what seems commonplace today-people of color working in mainstream media.

talented xth

The Talented Xth by Gibran Tariq

Available, for a limited time, as free Kindle eBook.


The Talented Xth is a coming of age story about a young boy whose life is turned upside down by a beautiful, dominating mother, and a terrifying secret. Growing up, he has to fight the “growing pains” of knowing he is “different,” and in an early effort to combat these feelings, and after he nearly kills a young, female playmate who refused to let him play “Mommy” in the childhood game of playing house, he turns to boxing as a way to “enhance” his masculinity.

This giveaway, and the fascinating background behind this book, was discovered on AALBC’s Black Literature Discussion forum. Also check out other novels in the LGBT/Gay category.




Discussion forum and book club

There are not many Black-owned platforms left were we can have conversations, debate, and share ideas and information. AALBC’s forums are one of the few remaining places.


If you an author of Black Literature, our forum is a great place to share information about your books with readers. Our most popular forum is dedicated to Culture, Race & Economy.” This forums’s purpose is to facilitate the exchange of opinions, ideas, facts, and information as it relates to Black people. We also have forums dedicated to Bloggers, Poetry, Press Releases, and more.


If you are looking for a alternative to social media check us out. You can remain completely anonymous, if you like, and we’ll always respect your privacy.


★ AALBC.com eNewsletter – January 9, 2019 – Issue #265

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