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harry brown

Surviving. R. Kelly!

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Saw. A. Young. Black. Female. On. The. News ,  Talking. About. R. Kelly..  The. Documentary. Surviving. R. Kelly,  Talks. About. His. Sexual. Abuse,Misconduct. With. Teenage. Girls!.  For. Decades. He. Has. Been,Having. Sex  With  Teenage  Girls,Abuse   Them. ,Holding  ,Them,Hostage.  Read  He  Married   A  Singer  When  She  Was  15_.  ,R-Kelly  ,Sex  Addict   ,Abusive  Sex  Fiend  Who  Is  Obsessed  With  ,Teenage. Girls.  Don't  Know. Who  More  Lunatic   R  Kelly   Or  Kanye-West??????

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People who were very active in the R&B community back in the 90s had known for years how big a freak R. Kelly was and about his devious sexual escapades.

I'm waiting on Lifetime or some other major channel to show:
Surviving Anthony Weiner
Surviving Harvey Weinstein
Surviving Kevin Spacey
Surviving The Catholic Priesthood.



Meanwhile, Tariq Nasheed isn't waiting on anyone but has decided to launch his own movement called  #FIRSTTHEM

Image result for tariq nasheed firstthem



I like what he's doing because it adds balance and justice to all of these accusations of sexual impropriety that have thrown around lately.

We need to make sure they don't try to put a BLACK face on sexual criminality like they've put an Arab face on terrroorism and a Latino face on illegal immigration.

They tried to do this years ago with the entire "street harassment" issue accusing Black and Latino men of harassing women on the streets of New York, until it was unsurfaced that far more White men were doing it than anyone else.

But they're not going to demonize and prosecute Black men while quietly sweeping under the rug or settling out of court the behavior of White public figures who have been caught on video sexually assaulting women and committing other unspeakable crimes.

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Below was what i was just getting ready to post when Pioneer beat me to it.    



Not surprising the  "Me-Too" mania is again rearing its head and pointing its finger.  Instead of "letting sleeping dogs lie", events have once again plucked a brother from  the fraternity of  pussy hounds and put him under scrutiny for his sins of the flesh.  The resurfacing  of  RKelly's perverted sex life has again become a hot button issue that, among other things,  is dividing the black community.   Aided and abetted by the white media, the questionable sex habits of a famous black man  are back in the news,  thanks to LifeTime's  airing of a  stark documentary  that  gave the floor to  young women who considered themselves the victims of RKelly's lechery.    At first, everyone deplored what RKelly was accused of and supporters of these women were also featured in the documentary.   But gradually the old racism litany kicked in and the controversy began. The clap-back from many black men as well as Kelly's die-hard female fans  came in the form of a familiar complaint about black men being singled out for shame, while equally guilty white men are given a pass. Kelly's defenders deem this media bias to be a form of racism. blah, blah, blah. Bolstering their complaint is their reminding that RKelly was found not guilty back when he was taken to court on sexual molestation charges several years ago.  His accusers retort that with his wealth, Kelly was able to buy the silence of many would-be accusers.  His defenders counter by arguing that a lot of his sex kittens are OK with being taken advantage of and that their parents are guilty of selling their daughters to older men like Kelly.   Another view poses the question as to whether Kelly's offenses should be separated from his considerable musical talents. 


The anti-Kelly crowd who consist mostly of older black women saying this exploitation of naive young girls has gone on for much too long, and something should be done to deter and protect these gullible minors from the grips of powerful black men who turn them into sex slaves and hold them against their will.  Lost in the shuffle is the culpability of RKelly.  Does he deserve to be exonerated just because some blacks feel he is comparable to a lynch victim hanged by the hooded white media.  Racism has become such a one-size-fits-all accusation that is transforming itself into a smoke screen that clouds the real issues.  Yes, the ubiquitous media  can be biased in its eternal quest to gain ratings and make money    But  this is not an excuse for a black men to demean and use underage black girls as objects to fulfill their lascivious desires. Nothing good comes from  being an apologist for RKelly's lewd pedophilia. The loser in this controversy and all of it side bars is, as usual, black women who are always relegated to the bottom of the heap. 


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You're not going to find me coming to R. Kelly's defense any more than I came to the defense of Bill Cosby.

In my opinion grown men having sex with and pissing on 14 year old girls OR drugging grown women up to make them helpless for you to have sex with is worthy of an ass kicking and jail time.

My issue is with the injustice of the SO-CALLED "Justice System".
A system that punishes AfroAmerican men who do these things but too often IGNORE White men who do the same AND other things that are much much worse even when there is overwhelming evidence of their guilt.

It's kind of like Jesse Jackson's beef with the unjust cocaine sentencing that went on in the 80s and 90s were BOTH Black men and White men were guilty of selling drugs and committing other offense but they went after Black men much more strongly both prosecuting them and sentencing them.

We need to be fair and consistent in who we decide to go after.


Don't just pick on Black men because you know much of society doesn't like them and since they aren't well represented in much of the criminal justice system or media.....they become an easy target to point the finger at or go after.

A lot of White women are raped by their own fathers and brothers but won't DARE go on television and say anything or even go to the local police because their fathers and brothers are ON the police department or are judges or lawyers or in the media and they know that not only will their story not get out but THEY may even be punished.

But if a Black man just LOOK at you cross eyed......if you decided to implicate him who's going to come to HIS rescue or side with him over you?


And this is especially important with the women because women are the strongest influencers of the men in this society and they can't be confused or wishy-washy about who they support and what they think is good or bad.

If you as a woman like "bad boys" and criminals and want to be played and played around with then ADMIT THAT and agree not to later on condemn these type of men and get them imprisoned. Just say I USED TO like men like that when I was younger but now I don't.
Don't sit up crying and claiming you were "taken advantage of" and didn't know what you were doing when you went over to his hotel room at 2 am, got naked, and hopped in bed with him.....lol.

You know what some men are about.
As long as they aren't FORCING you or any other woman to engage them then this is America where people should be free to make their own sexual choices.
If they aren't too young, mentally disabled, or physically disabled......then LET IT BE.

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