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Astrological charts are unique

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I have found that no astrology chart ever repeats. if there's a two minute difference in birth times in the same location. Or the equivalent time in different locations. So there will literally never be another chart like yours.


Something I discovered that quite a few astrologers don't believe. 

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What i have found is that with just two planets and the ascendant. I can determine   date, time, and place within 150 miles of the inception of a chart. So every chart is unique. The other thing i realised is that every period has an Astrological foot print. Since certain aspects can't occur. Which may mean that times create cerain types of people. 



I will use Aries and Scorpio born between 1962 and 1964. This is the period where Saturn was mostly in Aquarius. So for some of Aries it was possible to have their Sun sign be sextile Saturn. While some Scorpios have their Sun sign square Saturn. 

So within a generation there are certain patterns and certain configurations that can't occur. 


In addition i have also tested it and with just the sun and the ascendant you can determine date time and place of chart. However you need the degrees down to the minute. 


Their are tolerances for example some astrological programs leave out the minutes for the city. In addition what part of the city does a program use. 


I had this discussion on gacebook. And many astrologers told me it couldn't be done without the MC. And that i was wrong amd it wasn't possible. Even after demonstrating it. Even though I made an error most didn't believe me but three people did. They actually tried it and had the Astrological knowledge to see it was possible. 


However one person did prove me wrong. He gave me two charts that were for different cities but had the same ascendant. However this was only true for a ten second window. 


I also found thay with just the Sun and the ascendant i could also determine the inception time to the minute and place within 150 miles. But it took me like 15 hours of trial and error. 


Like you said after 20 years you will learn quite a bit if you apply yourself. 

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