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Can I serve you


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certain men make a woman feel this way,
Can I serve you, can I lay down in your care, I will trust you with my essence, nothing held back, everything shared
Can I serve you,  bring to you your favorite foods, rub you down in oils, the thought of your presence puts me in that mood
To serve you,
 can I turn back your blankets, darn your socks, clean your clothes, I will listen to your dreams, with you I am rethinking all I know, can I serve you, place your shoes by the bed, can I intrigue you with my intellect or would you rather I dance instead, can  we debate a situation, give you another way to see, that I am more than the image, I am what a woman is suppose to be,
Can I meet you in the middle, hear the beating of your heart, can I lose my overwhelming whim to run. It seems to end before it start, can I hold on to these feelings that call forever in to play, can I serve this man I yearn for until his dying day, Can I serve you as a friend, can I learn what makes you cry, please show me what motives you, your smile makes feel as if wishes are falling from the sky, can I wash away the madness so you long for only me, can I serve you with passion give you reason to believe, can I touch the parts of you, you hide from all the rest, can I polish your reflection, can I put this service to the test, Can I serve you, can I wake by your side, can i ride with you with the top down, can i be the substitute for your pride, can I serve you, can we run the race as one, can I be the one you search out in folly or in fun, Can I serve you, be the answer to the quest, be the happily ever after,
Can I  serve you, certain men make a woman feel this way. Can I serve you
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